Aetna Medicare Transportation Services

If you’re navigating the options for medical transportation, understanding Aetna Medicare transportation services is crucial. These services facilitate travel to medical appointments for Aetna Medicare members, covering both emergency and routine visits.

This article will outline eligibility, how to access these services, and the difference between types of transportation covered, empowering you with the knowledge to manage your healthcare journeys effectively.


Key Takeaways


  • Members can schedule transportation through Access2Care by contacting a toll-free number or using the Aetna Health app, with advanced notice required for rides and provisions for travel companions.


  • In addition to transportation, Some of Aetna’s plans provide a ‘Resources for Living’ program offering support services such as counseling and in-home assistance, and an online platform for health information and claims management.

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Understanding Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation Benefits


Aetna Medicare Transportation Services, Understanding Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation Benefits


Navigating the road to healthcare can be challenging, especially for those with constant medical appointments or limited transportation options. That’s where Aetna’s Medicare Advantage Plan steps in as your reliable co-pilot.

These Medicare Advantage plans offer a valuable transportation benefit, covering both emergency and non-emergency drives, as an alternative to Original Medicare. So, whether it’s a routine doctor’s visit or an unforeseen medical emergency, rest assured that you’re covered.

Wondering if your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan includes these benefits? It’s quite straightforward. You can use our Plan Finder tool or directly consult one of our licensed insurance agents to get the details.

And here’s the cherry on top: unlike Medicare Part B,  some Medicare Advantage plans cover non-emergency transportation. This makes these plans a boon for members who require regular medical services.


Eligibility Criteria for Transportation Services

You might be questioning, “Do I qualify for these transportation services?” The good news is these services are not contingent upon a member’s health condition or visits to their primary care doctor.

In fact, many Aetna Medicare Advantage plans encompass non-emergency transportation to appointments and return home.

On top of that, certain Aetna Medicare Advantage plans provide an improved transportation benefit through Access2Care, which can be used for appointments with health care professionals.

This includes coverage for a wide variety of transportation services, which may include:

  • Medical and nonmedical transportation


  • Emergency services, such as taxi and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft


  • Ambulance services


  • Public transportation


Types of Covered Transportation


Aetna Medicare Transportation Services, Types of Covered Transportation


Curious about the types of transportation Aetna may cover?

Here are some examples:

  • For emergencies, plans include ambulance services, providing you with immediate support in times of crisis.


  • Aetna also caters to non-emergency medical transportation to approved locations, such as doctor appointments, hospitals, pharmacies, senior centers, and more.



Be sure to review your plan’s benefits, as each plan offers different advantages.

Scheduling Your Ride to Better Health


Aetna Medicare Transportation Services, Scheduling Your Ride to Better Health


Once you’re familiar with the benefits and eligibility criteria, it’s time to schedule your ride. The process is designed to be as smooth as the ride itself. All you need to do is use the provided contact information and follow the scheduling process.

To arrange a medical appointment transportation, simply contact Access2Care’s toll-free number. Alternatively, you can download the Aetna Health app from Google Play for additional resources.

Keep in mind that they require advance notice for scheduling a ride. And don’t worry if you have a companion for the ride – they’ve got that covered too.


Contact Information and Scheduling Process

Puzzled about how to schedule your ride? It’s simple. You can reach Aetna at their designated number, available Monday to Friday, in all continental US time zones. To schedule a ride, call the Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation Benefits line during their operational business days.

When arranging a ride, be ready to provide the following information:

  • Your phone number


  • The name of your provider


  • The date and time of your appointment


  • Information on anyone who will be accompanying you


And in case you’re running behind schedule, don’t panic! Simply contact the Ride Assist line.


What to Expect on Your Trip

After scheduling your ride, you might be curious about what to anticipate during your return trip. Well, Aetna strives to make your journey as comfortable as possible. The drivers help during both pick-up and drop-off, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Your safety is their priority. Hence, patients on a gurney are securely fastened with a restraint system and safety straps, while individuals in wheelchairs are belted into their seats, with the wheelchair itself secured to the vehicle.

However, please note that the drivers are not permitted to enter a member’s home or a medical facility.

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Prescription Drug Pick-Up: A Convenient Perk


Aetna Medicare Transportation Services, Prescription Drug Pick-Up: A Convenient Perk


Beyond transportation for doctor’s appointments,  Many Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans go the extra mile to ensure your prescriptions reach you, even from the doctor’s office.

Yes, you heard it right! They offer a prescription drug pick-up service, allowing you the option to have your medications delivered to your home or pick them up at any CVS Pharmacy® location.

Don’t forget to check your plan details for these options.

But what if you need regular medication and can’t pick it up every time? They have a solution for that too. Through their network mail-order delivery program, Aetna delivers your prescription drugs right to your doorstep, usually within 7-10 days.

You can even enroll in automated mail-order delivery to receive your medications without placing repeat orders.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Rides: Knowing the Difference

Having acquainted yourself with Aetna’s transportation services and prescription drug pick-up, it’s time to differentiate between emergency and non-emergency rides.

An emergency ride pertains to transportation provided in situations necessitating immediate medical attention to prevent serious harm or injury. On the other hand, a non-emergency ride refers to transportation to appointments and back home again.

Some of Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans may provide coverage for non-emergency transportation to appointments and return trips home. In emergencies, they extend coverage to ambulance rides when immediate medical attention is required.


Additional Support Services for Aetna Members

Aetna Medicare Transportation Services, Additional Support Services for Aetna Members

Aetna believes in comprehensive care. Hence, they may offer additional support services for their members, under their ‘Resources for Living’ program.

This program provides a variety of services, which may include:

  • Prompt referrals to local services


  • In-home assistance


  • Food and meal services


  • Counseling services


  • Legal and financial assistance


  • Child and elder care resources


  • Health and wellness programs


And much more.

However, their scope extends beyond just physical health. Aetna understands that mental health is equally important. Their ‘Resources for Living’ program provides personalized counseling services as a form of treatment to manage the stress associated with challenging health and life events.

And the best part? You can access these support services online, through Aetna’s secure member website, which is one of the health information programs they offer.


Resources For Living and Health Programs

Accessing these services is as easy as making a phone call. And yes, the call is free of charge! So, whether you’re looking for mental health support or a comprehensive healthcare network for your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to Resources For Living.

And rest assured, all the services provided through Aetna Resources for Living® are held in strict confidence.


Health Information at Your Fingertips


Aetna Medicare Transportation Services, Additional Support Services for Aetna Members


In today’s digital era, instant access to health information is essential. Aetna’s online platform may offer:

  • Easily accessible health information


  • Care access


  • Claims management


  • Telemedicine options


  • Personal health record tool


To access these resources and general health information, all you must do is visit Aetna’s member website or download the Aetna Health app. You can use these platforms to access and manage your health information, monitor your health data, connect to care, and handle claims.

Optimizing Your Health Care with Aetna’s Network

Having acquainted yourself with Aetna’s array of services, it’s time to discuss maximizing your healthcare experience. Aetna’s extensive network of physicians, dentists, hospitals, and various healthcare providers may be at your disposal.

By choosing providers within this network, you can avail substantial discounts, potentially reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

But how can you find these in-network providers?

Here are the steps:

  • Log into your Aetna account.


  • Use the search feature to find providers that are part of your plan.


  • Input your home location to find providers near you.


  • Download the Aetna Mobile app to manage your healthcare on the go.


Navigating the road to healthcare can be challenging, but with Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans, you’re never alone. Their plans offer a unique blend of services, from transportation to medical appointments and prescription drug pick-up to comprehensive support services.

So, whether you’re in need of a ride to your doctor’s office, a helping hand at home, or support for mental health, Aetna’s here to help. They are committed to providing you with the care you need when you need it. Because at Aetna, your health is their priority.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  What are Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation benefits?

Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation benefits provide eligible members with transportation services to and from medical appointments. This service is designed to ensure that members can easily access necessary healthcare services without the burden of transportation challenges.


Are there any limits or restrictions on the transportation benefits provided by Aetna Medicare Advantage?

Yes, there may be limits or restrictions on the transportation benefits provided by Aetna Medicare Advantage. These can include a maximum number of rides per year, specific distance limits, or coverage for only certain types of medical appointments. Members should review their plan’s Summary of Benefits or contact Aetna directly to understand any limitations.


Who is eligible for Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation benefits?

Eligibility for Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation benefits typically includes members who are enrolled in specific Aetna Medicare Advantage plans that offer this service. Members should check their individual plan details or contact Aetna customer service to confirm eligibility and understand the specific terms and conditions.


How do I schedule a ride with Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation benefits?

To schedule a ride with Aetna Medicare Advantage Transportation benefits, members can call the transportation service number provided on their Aetna member ID card or visit the Aetna website for detailed instructions. It’s recommended to schedule rides at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.


What types of transportation services are included in Aetna Medicare Advantage plans?

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans may offer various types of transportation services, including rides to medical appointments, pharmacies, and other healthcare-related destinations. Services can include taxis, ride-sharing services, or specialized medical transport, depending on the member’s needs and plan provisions.

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