Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans California 2025

If you’re considering one of the many Aetna Medicare Advantage plans in California you may have numerous questions about coverage, benefits, and costs. Aetna offers a selection of HMO, PPO, and D-SNP plans that provide additional benefits not included in Original Medicare, such as prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage.

The varied plan costs will depend on individual health needs and location within California. Our website provides a straightforward examination of what Aetna has to offer, ensuring you have the necessary information to make an informed choice devoid of sales tactics.

On this page you can compare plans and costs in your area for Aetna Medicare Advantage plans as well as many other top insurance companies. And, you can even enroll online yourself!

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Key Takeaways


  • Beneficiaries have a variety of plan types to choose from with Aetna, including HMO, PPO, and D-SNP, each catering to specific needs and preferences in terms of care coordination, provider choice, and cost savings, specially tailored for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.


  • Aetna’s plans not only come with varied options and costs based on factors like location, plan type, and coverage level, but also additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t offer, such as SilverSneakers® fitness membership and Resources for Living® support service, and a 24-Hour Nurse Line for continuous health advice.

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Understanding Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans in California


Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans California 2025 Understanding Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans in California


Aetna’s footing in the health insurance domain is hard to miss. With its robust Medicare Advantage plans, it offers an all-inclusive alternative to Original Medicare, encompassing coverage for both Medicare Parts A and B. As you traverse the golden state, you’ll find that Aetna caters to diverse beneficiary needs, offering a variety of Medicare Advantage plans, including HMO-POS, PPO, and D-SNP plans.

Beyond the coverage of Original Medicare, Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans in California may offer a broader scope of benefits, including:


  • Vision and dental coverage


  • Fitness and wellness programs


  • Telehealth services


  • Care coordination and case management


This comprehensive and thoughtful approach to health care sets Aetna apart and fortifies its position in the market, making it a go-to choice for many Medicare-eligible beneficiaries in California.


The CVS-Aetna Partnership

Partnerships often lead to growth and enhanced offerings, and the collaboration between CVS and Aetna is no exception. This partnership has not only led to an increase in Medicare Advantage plan enrollments but also offers unique benefits for members using CVS pharmacies, such as:

  • Access to a wide range of prescription medications


  • Convenient locations for prescription pick-up


  • Personalized medication counseling


  • Integration of health and wellness services


This alliance has resulted in Aetna boasting the largest Medicare offering in its history, which includes expanded benefits and more streamlined plan options. For beneficiaries, this translates into a greater variety of choices and increased access to quality healthcare services.


Types of Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans in California are as varied as the state’s majestic landscapes. From HMO and PPO to HMO-POS and D-SNP plans, each type caters to different beneficiary needs.

Aetna’s HMO-POS plans offer the following features:

  • Members can choose an in-network primary care provider


  • Members have the option to see licensed dentists either in or out of the network


  • Referrals may be required to see specialists, depending on the specific plan



Comparing Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Options


Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans California 2025 Comparing Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Options


Selecting a Medicare Advantage plan is akin to selecting the perfect pair of shoes – it must fit well, suit your needs, and be comfortable. Aetna offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans, including HMO, PPO, and D-SNP options. Each type differs in terms of costs and coverage levels, offering beneficiaries the ability to choose a plan that fits them best.

While HMO plans require choosing a primary care physician and getting referrals for specialists, PPO plans offer more flexibility, allowing members to see any doctor who accepts Medicare without needing a referral.

If out-of-pocket costs are a concern, HMO plans generally offer lower ones compared to PPO plans. However, the overall costs of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans can vary based on the specific plan and coverage level selected.


HMO Plans

Aetna’s HMO Medicare Advantage plans are designed with a focus on coordinated care. Members are required to select in-network providers for their care, except in emergency situations. This means selecting a primary care provider who will coordinate their healthcare services within the HMO provider network.

Referrals from a primary care provider are necessary to access specialist care. When it comes to costs, options for Aetna HMO plans with low or no monthly premiums that include prescription drug coverage are available. Furthermore, these plans offer additional coverage benefits like dental, vision, and hearing, as well as worldwide emergency room and urgent care coverage.


PPO Plans

On the other side of the coin, Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO plans, which are a type of preferred provider organization, offer more flexibility. Unlike Medicare Advantage HMO plans, PPO plans do not require members to select a primary care physician, nor do they need referrals for specialists or hospital visits.

While lower costs are associated with services received within the Aetna PPO network, out-of-network services are covered but typically come with higher costs. Aetna PPO plans also have a medical deductible and provide an annual out-of-pocket limit, offering a safety net for the expenditure of medical care within a year.


D-SNP Plans

Aetna’s D-SNP plans offer coverage tailored to the unique needs of individuals who are dual-eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. These plans include:

  • Prescription drug coverage


  • $0 copay for covered Part D medications at in-network pharmacies


  • Additional benefits for dental, vision, and hearing without an extra cost


In addition to these plan benefits, D-SNP plans offer dual eligible special features such as:

  • An Extra Benefits Card pre-loaded with monthly allowances


  • This card can be used for buying healthy foods and select over-the-counter health and wellness products


  • Further supporting the care and lifestyle needs of dually eligible individuals.

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Evaluating Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Costs

When it comes to managing healthcare costs, Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans may offer a variety of options. Some plans even feature a $0 premium option, making them accessible to a significant percentage of Medicare-eligible beneficiaries in California.

The costs of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans can vary based on factors such as location, plan type, and personal health care needs. These costs include premiums, deductibles, and copays, which all contribute to the overall expenses associated with the plans.


Factors Influencing Costs

The cost of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans can be influenced by several factors. Your county of residence within California, for instance, can significantly impact your cost.

The type of plan you choose also influences your costs. Here are some options to consider:

  • HMO plans typically offer lower premiums but require the use of network providers.


  • PPO plans provide more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers but often come with higher premiums.


  • For individuals with specific diseases or characteristics, Special Needs Plans (SNPs) may be suitable, but they may have variable costs associated with their specialized coverage.


Cost Comparison with Original Medicare

When comparing the costs of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans with Original Medicare, it’s important to note that most Aetna Medicare Advantage plan members have to pay the premium for Medicare Plan B in addition to any plan-specific costs.

As of 2024, the standard Medicare Part B premium cost is $174.70 and has various tiers based on income. This cost is in addition to any premiums, deductibles, and copays associated with the chosen Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.


Additional Benefits and Services


Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans California 2025 Additional Benefits and Services


Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans in California for 2025 may offer comprehensive coverage that includes additional benefits such as:

  • Dental coverage


  • Vision coverage


  • Hearing coverage


  • Access to worldwide emergency rooms and urgent care


These benefits are not included in Original Medicare, making Aetna a viable choice for beneficiaries seeking holistic coverage.

In addition to these benefits, most Aetna Medicare Advantage plans also feature prescription drug coverage, with the convenience of a mail-order service that delivers medications directly to members’ homes. To further enhance the well-being of members, Aetna also offers wellness and health support, including fitness program memberships and personalized health services.


SilverSneakers® Fitness Membership

Staying active is a vital part of maintaining good health, especially for seniors. With Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, members in California can access the SilverSneakers® fitness membership. This membership grants entrance to over 15,000 fitness facilities nationwide and includes free gym memberships at participating locations.

SilverSneakers® provides a diverse array of fitness classes tailored for all levels and abilities, both in-person and online. It also organizes community fitness events and activities to promote a socially active lifestyle.

This benefit offered by Aetna Medicare Advantage plans serves to enhance the overall health and well-being of its members.


Resources For Living®

Personalized support can make a world of difference, especially when it comes to managing health and wellness. That’s where Resources for Living® comes in. This service, included in some Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, is designed to provide members with personalized support to manage their health and wellness.

Resources For Living® helps connect members with community resources for services ranging from finding care providers and community activities to broader support for lifestyle changes or life transitions. This service is accessible through the concierge service provided by the Resources for Living® program included in Aetna’s plans.


24-Hour Nurse Line

Health concerns can arise at any time, and having immediate access to medical advice can be invaluable. Aetna Medicare Advantage plan members have continuous access to medical advice through a 24-hour Nurse Line, where they can speak to registered nurses any time of day.

While the nurses available on the hotline are not able to diagnose conditions or prescribe treatments, they can provide general health information and guidance. This immediate support can help members decide if a visit to the doctor is necessary and potentially avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

How to Enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan in California


Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans California 2025 How to Enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan in California


Taking the step to enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan in California is a decision toward comprehensive health coverage. The process begins with obtaining a quote to check plan availability and offerings.


Getting a Quote

Getting a quote for Aetna Medicare Advantage plans is straightforward. By simply entering their ZIP code on this page, individuals can discover the plans available in their area from multiple companies, including Aetna.

On our website, users can:

  • Compare the different plans by analyzing benefits, costs, and drug coverage


  • Confirm if their primary care physician is in the network of preferred providers


  • Request a call from a licensed insurance agent for personalized assistance in getting a quote and easily enrolling.


Enrollment Options

Enrolling in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan is a breeze, thanks to the multiple enrollment methods available. Individuals can enroll online by entering their zip code above to compare coverage and prices.

If a more personalized approach is preferred, enrollment over the phone is available by contacting one of our licensed insurance agents at 1-833-641-4938.  


Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans in California offer comprehensive coverage, personalized support, and additional benefits beyond Original Medicare. With an array of plans to choose from, including HMO, PPO, and D-SNP options, Aetna ensures that every beneficiary can find a plan that caters to their unique needs.

Whether you value lower premiums, flexibility in choosing providers, or specialized coverage, Aetna has a plan for you.


Frequently Asked Questions


→ What is the difference between Aetna Medicare and Aetna Medicare Advantage?

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Part C plans, are offered by Aetna and provide extra benefits beyond Original Medicare. These plans are run by private insurance companies and can include additional perks.


→ What are the different types of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans available in California?

In California, Aetna provides a range of Medicare Advantage plans, such as HMO, PPO, HMO-POS, and D-SNP plans, designed to suit various beneficiary requirements.


→ What additional benefits do Aetna Medicare Advantage plans offer?

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans may offer additional benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing coverage, access to worldwide emergency room and urgent care, as well as wellness and health support services like fitness program memberships and personalized health services.


→ How do the costs of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans compare with Original Medicare?

Aetna Medicare Advantage plan members generally have to pay the Medicare Part B premium in addition to any plan-specific costs, which is $174.70 as of 2024, depending on income. This can make Aetna Medicare Advantage plans more expensive compared to Original Medicare.

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