Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit

Need to understand the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit quickly? This article breaks down the key points: eligibility, how to obtain your Extra Benefits Card, and the process for purchasing healthy groceries.

If you’re an Aetna Medicare member in 2025, this benefit could be a game-changer for your nutrition and budget. Keep reading to discover exactly what you need to know about using your grocery benefit effectively.


Key Takeaways

  • The Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, part of the Extra Benefits Card, allows members to potentially purchase healthy food items from approved retailers including Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS, as well as online shopping options for convenient home delivery of groceries.


  • Eligibility for the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit will likely require enrollment in a qualifying plan and having an Extra Benefits Card, with the benefit amount available monthly for the purchase of approved foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.


  • Aetna Medicare extends beyond the grocery benefit, providing members with additional health and wellness resources and benefits, including possibly dental and hearing aid coverage, Over-the-Counter product purchases, and personalized support for chronic disease management in most cases.

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Unveiling the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit


Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, Unveiling the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit


Designed to address nutritional needs and provide savings at checkout, the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit is an exceptional program.

According to their offerings in the past, this benefit is part of the Extra Benefits Card, which is likely to provide eligible members with funds to purchase healthy food items. It’s like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket, guiding you to more nutritious food choices!

What’s more? Popular grocery retailers like:

  • Walgreens


  • Walmart


  • Food Lion


  • Kroger


  • CVS


accept the Medicare Grocery Benefit Card for Aetna members. These and other retailers offer certain management support services to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Plus, you can also use your Medicare Food Allowance card for online shopping of approved foods.

This means you can order your groceries from the comfort of your home and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.


Aetna’s Extra Benefits Card

A healthier life can be made available with the Aetna Extra Benefits Card. It allows members to purchase approved healthy foods, including:

  • fruits


  • vegetables


  • meat


  • seafood


Imagine walking into a grocery store with a card that guides you toward healthier food options. That’s what this card can do!

Securing an Aetna Extra Benefits Card is a simple process. You can simply contact one of our licensed insurance agents.

Once you have the card, you can find information on how to use it in your Evidence of Coverage (EOC), which also should include details about prescription drug coverage and other benefits.

Normally the card does not have a transaction limit per benefit period, but certain items have special limits, and no returns or exchanges are allowed. Therefore, careful planning of your purchases is recommended.


Eligibility Criteria for the Grocery Benefit

Curious about who can benefit from the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit? Well, the eligibility is contingent upon enrollment in a qualifying plan and meeting specific criteria. Members are allowed to purchase healthy food items like fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and healthy grains using this benefit.

To qualify for the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, individuals need to possess an Extra Benefits Card. This card provides a monthly benefit amount that can be used to purchase approved healthy foods.

Some Aetna plans may even offer Medicaid benefits, depending on the individual’s eligibility. Keep in mind that only Aetna Medicare members with an Extra Benefits Card can exclusively access the Grocery Benefit, and there’s generally no specific age requirement for eligibility.

Understanding the Aetna Healthy Food Card


Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, Understanding the Aetna Healthy Food Card


The Aetna Healthy Food Card is another fantastic tool that Aetna Medicare likely offers. It’s a card with a value of about $50 per month, financed by Aetna independently. Imagine having an extra $50 every month to splurge on your favorite healthy food items!

The Aetna Healthy Food Card may offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Access to a diverse selection of approved retailers


  • Convenience of home delivery options


  • Ability to buy a variety of eligible food items, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins


Maintaining a healthy diet becomes not only effortless but also pleasurable with the Aetna Healthy Food Card.


How to Use the Aetna Healthy Food Card

Use the Aetna Healthy Food Card just like you would use a regular debit card – it’s that simple. The card, usually available in both physical and digital formats, enables members to allocate a specific monthly budget for the purchase of approved healthy food items.

To activate your card, you can log onto Aetna’s member portal, contact the Extra Benefits Card Member Services, or consult with one of our licensed insurance agents.

The Aetna Healthy Food Card may allow for the purchase of eligible food items including:

  • fruits


  • vegetables


  • whole grains


  • lean proteins


  • meats


  • seafood


According to their offerings in the past, the card is not eligible for the purchase of fuel or gas. Therefore, it is recommended to plan your purchases wisely and prioritize buying healthy food items.


Approved Retailers and Online Shopping Options

Aetna has partnered with numerous retailers nationwide for the Healthy Food Card program.

Some of these retailers include:

  • CVS


  • Walmart


  • Food Lion


  • Kroger


This means you have quite a wide range of stores to choose from when you go grocery shopping.

Plus, these retailers can be identified through a list available on the Aetna website or through signage or stickers at their locations denoting acceptance of the Aetna Healthy Food card.

And that’s not all. The Aetna Healthy Food Card can be accepted for online shopping at a variety of online platforms, including those of retailers like:

  • CVS


  • Walmart


  • Food Lion


  • Kroger


Plus, the card can be compatible with grocery delivery services such as Amazon Fresh and Instacart. Regardless of your preference for in-store or online shopping, the Aetna Healthy Food Card caters to your needs!

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Maximizing Your Aetna Grocery Allowance


Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, Maximizing Your Aetna Grocery Allowance


The Aetna grocery allowance is a specified dollar amount. It can be used to purchase eligible food items at approved retailers or online. Imagine having a personal nutritionist guiding your food choices each time you shop – that’s what this allowance offers!

The allowance possibly covers a range of eligible food items, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, whole grains, dairy products, bread, cereals, and canned goods. However, there are certain restrictions on its use.

The allowance is limited to the purchase of approved healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Hence, it’s crucial to pay attention to your purchases to ensure both the maximization of your allowance and the maintenance of your health.


Purchasing Eligible Food Items

When using your Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, it’s essential to focus on eligible food items.

These may include:

  • Canned beans


  • Lentils


  • Peanut butter


  • Brown rice


  • Whole-wheat pasta


  • Pasta sauce


  • Canned tomatoes


  • Canned fish


  • Other nutritious food options like fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.


While the benefit covers a wide range of food items, it’s important to note that not all food items are covered. For instance, the benefit probably does not cover everyday expenses like fuel or gas.

The benefit may also potentially cover nutritional supplements or vitamins, provided they meet the criteria for eligible over-the-counter health and wellness products. Therefore, select items covered by the benefit while shopping to fully utilize your allowance.


Keeping Track of Your Allowance

Monitoring your spending is key to maximizing your Aetna grocery allowance. You can check the balance of your Aetna Healthy Food Card online by providing your card number and security code on the Healthy Benefits Plus website.

Alternatively, you can use the Aetna Health app or the Healthy Benefits+™ mobile app.

You’re also advised to regularly monitor your Healthy Food Card balance to effectively manage your allowance and ensure you stay within your allotted funds.

A touch of planning and diligent tracking can significantly assist you in leveraging your Aetna grocery allowance to the fullest!

Additional Aetna Medicare Benefits


Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, Additional Aetna Medicare Benefits


In addition to the grocery benefit, Aetna Medicare may be able to offer a host of other benefits that enhance members’ overall health and well-being.

These likely include the dental benefit that encompasses preventive services, including cleanings, oral exams, and X-rays, with coverage at 100 percent on most plans. Some plans even provide comprehensive coverage, taking care of your oral health needs.

Aetna Medicare may also offer hearing aid benefits that cover the cost of hearing aids and related services. Additionally, members can take advantage of Over the Counter (OTC) benefits, allowing them to purchase OTC health and wellness items.

These additional benefits are a testament to Aetna’s commitment to supporting its members’ health in a holistic way, taking care of not just their nutritional needs but their overall well-being.


Dental Benefits

Aetna acknowledges the vital role of oral health in overall well-being. That’s why many Aetna Medicare plans offer dental benefits that may cover preventive services such as cleanings, oral exams, and X-rays.

But Aetna goes beyond just preventive services. Some plans also provide comprehensive coverage, including fillings, root canals, dentures, crowns, bridges, and even implants. However, it’s important to note that Aetna Medicare does not typically provide coverage for orthodontic treatment.

The cost-sharing arrangement for dental services within Aetna Medicare is quite favorable.

Preventive services such as cleaning, oral exams, and X-rays are generally covered at 100 percent on most Aetna Medicare plans, necessitating no out-of-pocket payment from the beneficiary.


Hearing Aid Benefits

Hearing health is another area where Aetna may offer substantial support to its members. Aetna Medicare Advantage plans usually provide for yearly hearing assessments, fitting of hearing aids, and even potential hearing aid benefit with the procurement of hearing aids.

Applying for hearing aid benefits under Aetna Medicare involves providing documentation of the member’s hearing loss, a valid prescription for hearing aids, and proof of eligibility.

Bear in mind that the inclusion of specific hearing aid models or brands in Aetna’s benefits may vary. Hence, it’s advisable to confirm specifics directly with Aetna.


Over the Counter (OTC) Benefits

In addition to dental and hearing aid benefits, Aetna Medicare plans can possibly offer an OTC benefit, which includes Over the Counter (OTC) products.

These benefits allow members to purchase a wide range of health and wellness products, including:

  • Pain relief


  • First aid supplies


  • Cold and allergy medicine


  • Dental care items


  • and more


Members can possibly procure over-the-counter products using their Aetna Medicare benefits by selecting their state and county to find their plan and review information on how to purchase eligible items.

Furthermore, Aetna Medicare Advantage members may be granted $30 every three months for purchases from the OTC catalog or through other methods, as applicable.

Health and Wellness Resources for Aetna Members


Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, Health and Wellness Resources for Aetna Members


As an Aetna member, you should have access to a wealth of health and wellness resources to assist you in leading a healthier lifestyle. These resources usually encompass disease management programs, health, and wellness tips, along support services.

The disease management programs are especially beneficial for members with chronic conditions, such as diabetes. Aetna likely offers these programs through their Aetna InTouch Care and Aetna Specialty Pharmacy programs.

On the other hand, the health and wellness tips cover a variety of topics such as:

  • stress relief


  • healthy eating


  • physical activity


  • improved sleep


  • tobacco cessation


  • managing asthma


These resources are designed to empower Aetna members to take charge of their health care and wellness.


Disease State Management Programs

Aetna’s disease state management program can offer comprehensive support for managing chronic conditions. According to their offerings in the past, these programs are integrated into Aetna health benefits and insurance plans, delivering personalized care and assistance for individuals with chronic conditions.

The programs cover a range of chronic conditions, including:

  • diabetes


  • heart disease


  • cancer


  • digestive conditions


Normally each member enrolled in these programs is assigned a dedicated case manager, such as a nurse or social worker, who formulates a customized care plan to address the member’s specific health objectives.

Enroll in these programs by completing an Aetna Specialty Pharmacy Medication Request Form for each patient. Also, consult with one of our licensed insurance agents to help you find a plan that meets your specific medication needs


Health and Wellness Tips

Aetna provides a wealth of health and wellness tips to help its members lead healthier lives.

These tips cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Stress relief


  • Improved sleep


  • Managing asthma


  • Quitting tobacco


Healthy eating is a wellness aspect that Aetna strongly emphasizes. Recommended recipes include:

  • Super greens soup


  • Warm grain salad with tomatoes and greens


  • Zesty chickpeas with baked eggs and greens


  • Chicken and greens stir-fry


These recipes highlight the importance of incorporating leafy greens into one’s diet to aid in the prevention of heart disease.


Support Services for Aetna Members

In addition to disease management programs and wellness tips, Aetna also may provide support services to assist members in navigating their healthcare journey.

One such service is case management, which entails the allocation of a dedicated case manager to each member in need of assistance.

These case managers devise personalized care plans to meet the unique health objectives of the members. The personalized care management service was designed to cater to the unique requirements of each member, aiding them in managing their healthcare process.

Alternatives to Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit

Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit, Alternatives to Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit



Although the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit is an excellent program, there may be other food assistance options available. Some alternatives may include the Meals on Wheels and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Meals on Wheels is a program designed to deliver meals to individuals who are unable to procure or prepare their meals.

On the other hand, SNAP can offer food benefits to low-income families, aiming to augment their grocery budget and enable them to purchase nutritious food.


Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a nationwide program that may deliver nutritious meals to seniors who are in need.

Usually, the program caters primarily to individuals aged 60 and above with limited mobility, which impedes their ability to purchase food or cook meals and may also result in social isolation.

The Meals on Wheels program, which operates in many parts of the United States, typically involves volunteers delivering meals directly to seniors’ residences.

The program is likely to provide a diverse range of nutritious meals and can accommodate special dietary requirements, such as:

  • low sodium


  • diabetic


  • vegetarian


  • other specific diets


SNAP Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can possibly offer food benefits to low-income families, aiming to augment their grocery budget and enable them to purchase nutritious food.

Tools like ours found on this page can help you apply for the SNAP program.

SNAP benefits can be used to purchase a variety of food items for the household, including fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, or canned), meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, bread, and more.


In conclusion, the Aetna Medicare Grocery Benefit is a powerful tool for promoting healthy eating among its members. Coupled with optional additional benefits like dental, hearing aid, and OTC benefits, as well as health and wellness resources, Aetna can provide a holistic approach to support its members’ overall well-being.

Alternatives like Meals on Wheels and SNAP likely offer valuable food assistance to those in need. Ultimately, Aetna is committed to empowering its members to lead healthier lives, proving that a healthy diet is within everyone’s reach.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  Does Aetna Medicare offer food benefits?

Aetna Medicare can possibly offer food benefits through the Aetna Medicare Extra Benefits Card, which can be used to pay for everyday expenses like healthy foods.


  Is the Medicare grocery allowance real?

Certain types of Medicare Advantage plans offer a monthly or quarterly grocery allowance, but it can only be used to purchase qualifying health food.


  What foods can I buy with my Aetna healthy foods card?

You can buy fresh or canned fruits and vegetables, frozen produce and meals, fresh salad kits, and dairy products with your Aetna Healthy Foods card.

These items are all eligible for purchase.


→  Does Aetna Medicare have a flex card?

As they have proposed in the past, Aetna Medicare should have a flex card called the Aetna Medicare Payment Card by PayFlex, which allows you to make the most of your over-the-counter benefits.


 How can I apply for the Aetna Extra Benefits Card?

You can apply for the Aetna Extra Benefits Card by contacting one of our licensed insurance agents.

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