Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Florida 2025

Seeking specifics on Humana Medicare Advantage plans for Florida 2025? Cut through the confusion with our straightforward guide to costs, benefits, and strategic insights for choosing the best plan to align with your health needs in the coming year.


Key Takeaways


  • Humana’s prescription drug coverage is tier-based and can be accessed via MyHumana for plan details, while CMS Star Ratings have awarded Humana’s HMO plan with a 5-star rating, indicating exceptional performance and higher member satisfaction than regional averages.


  • Enrollment in Humana plans is contingent on annual Medicare contract renewal, and the company has tailored special needs plans for dual-eligible residents in Florida, with resources available through local programs like SHINE for Medicare assistance.

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Overview of Humana Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Florida 2025, Overview of Humana Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida


Medicare Advantage serves as an all-in-one alternative to Original Medicare, offering a blend of similar benefits along with supplementary offerings like dental and vision coverage.

As a significant participant in this program, Humana is offering Medicare Advantage plans in the form of HMO, PPO, and PFFS options, in addition to stand-alone prescription drug plans under a Medicare contract.

With Humana insurance services, beneficiaries can find the right plan to suit their needs, including those seeking Medicaid services.

Eligible Medicare beneficiaries in Florida can enroll in a $0-premium Medicare Advantage plan offered by Humana. In total, as of 2025, Florida beneficiaries have 613 Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.

In terms of cost, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans often provide improved benefits at a lower price than the combination of Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.

Here are some key points about Medicare Advantage plans in Florida:

  • There are 613 Medicare Advantage plans to choose from in Florida.


  • Humana offers a $0-premium Medicare Advantage plan in Florida.


  • Medicare Advantage plans often provide improved benefits at a lower price compared to Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.


  • The average monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage plan in Florida in 2025 is $10.38.



The diverse needs of beneficiaries are addressed in Humana’s recent lineup of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan offerings for 2025, reflecting their commitment to cater to such needs.

Key Features of Humana’s 2025 Plans


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Florida 2025, Key Features of Humana's 2025 Plans


The 2025 Humana Medicare Advantage plans are designed with a range of key features, aiming to provide comprehensive coverage for beneficiaries. For instance, 89% of Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans for individual enrollment will include prescription drug coverage.

These plans generally provide supplementary benefits such as:

  • dental


  • vision


  • hearing


  • transportation


benefits without additional premiums. However, they may have limited provider networks and employ cost management tools like prior authorization.

The projected average monthly plan premium for all Medicare Advantage enrollees is estimated to be $18.50 in 2025, separate from the Medicare Part B premium that beneficiaries are required to pay.


Extra Benefits and Services

Beyond the essentials, the extra benefits in Medicare Advantage plans consist of supplementary services not offered in traditional Medicare and are categorized as ‘primarily health related’.

As of 2025, 97% or more of individual plans, including those from Humana, provide the following additional services:

  • Vision coverage


  • Fitness coverage


  • Hearing coverage


  • Dental coverage


The inclusion of telehealth benefits stands out among Humana’s offerings. As of 2020, Medicare Advantage plans were permitted to integrate telehealth benefits into the fundamental benefit package, which includes Humana’s plans.

Some plans may also include access to specialized care providers, such as CenterWell Health Care Services, for additional support.

The coverage for dental benefits in Humana Medicare Advantage plans varies and may include cleaning, preventive care, or more comprehensive dental services. These benefits are often subject to an annual dollar cap and may vary by state.


Prescription Drug Coverage

Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans provide robust prescription drug coverage. Here are some key details:

  • Drug formulary and pricing information can be found through MyHumana.


  • Coverage specifics and referral criteria may differ among various plans.


  • The exact coverage for each Humana plan depends on the individual plan selected.


Potential limitations or restrictions on prescription drugs should be considered within Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans. For specific details, it is advisable to refer to the official Humana website or reach out to Humana directly.

In Florida, members have the option to log in to MyHumana and access the list of drugs covered by their individual Humana Medicare Advantage plan.

Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans classify prescription drugs into tiers, which impact the cost-sharing amounts for medications.

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CMS Star Ratings and Customer Satisfaction


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Florida 2025, CMS Star Ratings and Customer Satisfaction


The CMS Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage Plans are determined by aggregating specific measures within each category to establish an overall Star Rating for each plan.

These ratings span from one to five stars, with one star denoting subpar performance and five stars denoting exceptional performance.

Humana’s commitment to quality is reflected in its CMS Star Ratings. The Humana Medical Plan, Inc. HMO plan has attained a 5-star rating from CMS in 2025, a testament to its exceptional performance.

Furthermore, Humana holds the top position in the percentage of members in 4+ star contracts among all national health plans.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Humana stands out from the crowd. Here are some key points:

  • Humana’s member satisfaction score in Florida stands at 670 points


  • This surpasses the regional average of 645 points


  • Humana outperforms UnitedHealthcare and Aetna


Comparing Humana to Other Providers in Florida

Even though Humana provides a comprehensive range of Medicare Advantage plans, it should be acknowledged that other providers have also advanced their offerings.

For example, in 2025, UnitedHealthcare and Alignment Health partnered with Walgreens to provide Medicare Advantage plans, showcasing the competitive landscape of Medicare Advantage providers in Florida.

Enrollment Process and Eligibility


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Florida 2025, Enrollment Process and Eligibility


Enrollment in Humana plans depends on the contract renewal with Medicare. This means that the availability of Humana’s plans is subject to the annual renewal of their Medicare contract.

Florida residents who are dual-eligible can take advantage of special needs plans offered by Humana in collaboration with the State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration.

These plans cater to the unique needs of this population, providing essential support and services. To apply for Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans in Florida, applicants must provide personal information such as their date of birth, address, and Medicare number.


Navigating Provider Networks and Rural Accessibility

Humana’s provider network in Florida is extensive, encompassing family doctors or primary care physicians (PCP), offering a more cost-effective alternative to out-of-network doctors.

To access Humana’s provider network in Florida, members are encouraged to contact the number listed on the back of their insurance card for assistance. This service is specifically designed to offer information regarding the plan’s benefits, including out-of-network options.

Humana employs various strategies to enhance healthcare accessibility in rural areas of Florida. These initiatives encompass the establishment of primary care centers in rural areas and the provision of medicine services to expand healthcare access.

Tips for Choosing the Right Plan

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Florida 2025, Tips for Choosing the Right Plan

Choosing the right Medicare Advantage plan involves careful consideration of various factors. This includes considering:

  • Costs


  • Network coverage


  • Prescription coverage


  • Supplementary benefits


Key considerations to bear in mind when assessing Medicare Advantage plans consist of:

  • What are the plan’s financial implications?


  • Is your physician within the network?


  • Are your medications included?


  • Does it include dental benefits?


  • What additional advantages does it offer?

Florida Medicare Resources and Support

Resources like the SHINE program and other state-specific resources can be beneficial for Florida residents seeking information on Medicare options. The SHINE program offers complimentary information and counseling on Medicare options, processes, and costs.

Florida residents can access the SHINE program services by visiting the official website or by directly contacting the program.


Humana’s comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans offer Florida residents a variety of options to cater to their healthcare needs. From prescription drug coverage to supplementary benefits like dental and vision coverage, Humana’s plans are designed to provide robust coverage at an affordable cost.

Choosing the right Medicare Advantage plan involves careful consideration of various factors, including costs, network coverage, prescription coverage, and additional benefits.

With resources like the SHINE program and the guidance provided in this article, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision about your healthcare coverage in 2025.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  What is new in Humana in 2025?

In 2025, Humana Medicare Advantage (MA) plans now offer dental, vision, and hearing benefits to provide more comprehensive coverage for members.


  What is the best Medicare Advantage plan for 2025?

For 2025, the best Medicare Advantage plan is offered by Humana, known for high-quality ratings, customer satisfaction, widespread availability, and numerous $0-per-month plans.

Customers report better healthcare quality compared to other providers.


  What is the Humana over-the-counter allowance for 2025?

Humana offers a $100 quarterly allowance for over-the-counter health and wellness products available through their OTC mail order provider, with any unused amount expiring at the end of the quarter.

There is also a $0 copay for up to 36 one-way trips to plan-approved locations per year.


  What are the disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage?

The disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage include a limited choice of doctors and medical offices compared to Original Medicare, as well as potentially higher costs for complex medical needs.


 What extra benefits and services does Humana offer?

Humana offers additional services such as vision, fitness, hearing, dental coverage, and telehealth benefits, which are not typically provided by traditional Medicare.

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