Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado 2025

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of the Humana Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado, including the Humana Medicare advantage plans in Colorado 2025.

As one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans in 2025, Humana demonstrates a steadfast commitment to offering an array of comprehensive and cost-effective plans designed to meet the diverse needs of Medicare beneficiaries in the Centennial State.


Key Takeaways

  • Humana offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado, including HMO, PPO, and co-branded options, catering to the specific needs of beneficiaries, and providing competitive premiums and cost-sharing options such as Part B premium reduction and lower-cost preferred pharmacies.


  • Humana provides additional benefits and services, including coverage in rural areas, Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans, and a range of supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage, along with an OTC allowance benefit for non-prescription items.


  • The enrollment process for Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans is straightforward and supported by tools like online comparison, free language interpreter services for over 200 languages, and personalized customer support to navigate plan selection.

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Humana’s Presence in Colorado


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado 2025, Humana's Presence in Colorado


In Colorado, Humana showcases a strong commitment to its members, with a focus on their healthcare needs while continually improving the coverage and benefits they offer.

As an established insurer, Humana provides a diverse range of Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado, encompassing Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) options, along with co-branded plans in collaboration with local providers.

Humana offers a variety of plans designed to cater to the specific needs of Medicare beneficiaries in Colorado. Their plans include:

  • HMO plans, which provide a structured network of healthcare providers


  • PPO plans, which offer more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers


  • Co-branded plans, which provide tailored benefits


Humana’s broad spectrum of plans attests to their dedication to addressing the varied needs of their members, regardless of their veteran status or religion.


HMO and PPO Plans

Humana’s HMO and PPO plans in Colorado for 2025 cater to the convenience and healthcare needs of its members. The HMO plans typically necessitate members to:

  • designate a primary care physician


  • obtain referrals for specialist care


  • offer in-network coverage and restrict out-of-network access


  • generally have lower out-of-pocket costs


  • may encompass prescription drug coverage.


On the flip side, Humana’s PPO plans provide:

  • Greater flexibility in selecting healthcare providers


  • Members are allowed to consult any doctor or specialist without a referral, both in-network and out-of-network


  • PPO plans usually entail higher out-of-pocket costs than HMO plans but offer more freedom in choosing healthcare providers, which is a key aspect of Medicare Advantage HMO PPO options.


The primary goal is to choose a plan that aligns with your healthcare needs and preferences.


Co-branded Plans

Beyond offering HMO and PPO plans, Humana also partners with local providers to present co-branded plans in Colorado, which may include benefits such as Medicare Part B premium reduction.

This strategic partnership allows Humana to enhance its network and services in Colorado, offering a wider range of beneficiaries cost-effective Medicare Advantage choices with features like dental and prescription drug coverage.

These co-branded plans offer a range of benefits including:

  • Enhanced access to health services


  • Discounts on groceries


  • Prescription drug coverage


  • Comprehensive coverage for dental, vision, and hearing services


This combination of benefits ensures that the healthcare needs of beneficiaries are met holistically.

Premiums and Cost-Sharing


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado 2025, Premiums and Cost-Sharing


For premiums and cost-sharing, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado are noteworthy for their competitive edge.

The average monthly premium for these plans is $15.84 in 2025. Some plans also offer a reduction in the Medicare Part B premium, further enhancing affordability for beneficiaries.

Aside from competitive premiums, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado also provide cost-sharing options to help beneficiaries manage their healthcare expenses.

These include features such as reduced Part B premiums and lower-cost preferred pharmacies which can significantly reduce healthcare and prescription drug expenses, compared to Original Medicare.


Part B Premium Reduction

A significant cost-saving feature in some of Humana’s plans is the reduction in Part B premium. This unique benefit, known as the Part B Giveback Benefit, offers additional savings for beneficiaries, making Humana’s plans more affordable and reducing the overall amount they need to pay.

Specifically, the Humana USAA Honor plans in Colorado offer this Part B premium reduction.

This reduction has the potential to decrease the overall costs of Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado by $40 to $75 per month, depending on the specific plan. This makes these plans an attractive option for those looking to manage their healthcare costs effectively.


Lower-Cost Preferred Pharmacies

In addition to the Part B premium reduction, Humana’s plans also include lower-cost preferred pharmacies. Comprising of CenterWell Pharmacy and specific retail pharmacies like Costco, HEB, and Kroger Health, these lower-cost preferred pharmacies help beneficiaries save on prescription drug costs.

Eligibility criteria for accessing these lower-cost preferred pharmacies may include enrollment in a specific Humana Medicare Advantage plan or meeting specific income requirements. This unique feature is just one of the many ways Humana helps beneficiaries manage their healthcare expenses.

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Extra Benefits and Services


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado 2025, Extra Benefits and Services


Humana takes an extra step in providing benefits and services in their Colorado Medicare Advantage plans.

They offer coverage in rural areas and provide Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans, ensuring that a wide range of beneficiaries can access the healthcare services they need, wherever they are in the state.

The specific advantages of Humana’s rural area coverage in Colorado include dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

Additionally, it includes an OTC allowance benefit that can be utilized for the purchase of eligible non-prescription items. These extra benefits and services are part of Humana’s commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality healthcare coverage.


Rural Area Coverage

Humana’s coverage in rural Colorado aims to grant beneficiaries access to vital healthcare services, no matter their location.

This includes expanding their network operations, contracting with more providers in these areas, and focusing on initiatives like digital medicine and whole-person care.

While there may be limitations such as coverage denials impacting rural hospitals and potential market stability issues due to some health insurance carriers exiting the Colorado market, Humana strives to offer comprehensive coverage in rural areas.

This commitment to rural healthcare access sets Humana apart and makes it a preferred choice for many Colorado residents.


Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans

Humana also offers Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) in Colorado, including plans for individuals with specific needs in the MD, ME, MI, MN region. These plans are specifically designed for individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, providing tailored benefits and support.

Humana’s D-SNPs encompass special benefits, ensuring coverage regardless of national origin, age, disability, and sex, including:

  • Prescription drug coverage


  • Dental coverage


  • Vision coverage


  • Hearing coverage


Furthermore, starting in 2025, all plans will incorporate dental, vision, and hearing benefits, streamlining multiple coverages, and coordinating Medicare and Medicaid benefits for enhanced accessibility. This demonstrates Humana’s commitment to offering customized and comprehensive healthcare solutions to its members.

Comparing Humana to Other Insurers in Colorado


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado 2025, Comparing Humana to Other Insurers in Colorado


While comparing Humana with other insurers in Colorado, market share and distinct offerings should be considered. Humana exhibits a substantial footprint with approximately 183,000 members in the Colorado Medicare Advantage market, demonstrating its strong presence and commitment to the state.

Humana faces significant competition from key players such as:

  • UnitedHealth Group


  • Anthem


  • Kaiser Permanente


  • Ambetter


in Colorado’s health insurance market. However, Humana offers unique features that differentiate it from other insurers in Colorado.

For 2025, these include all Medicare Advantage plans with dental, vision, and hearing benefits, as well as special plans such as the Humana USAA Honor plans designed for those with a status military or veteran, which have a $0 monthly premium, a Part B giveback, and comprehensive dental, vision, and hearing coverage.


Market Share

Humana holds a major share of Colorado’s Medicare Advantage market, reflecting its strong presence and dedication to the state. This substantial market share is a testament to Humana’s strong brand presence, quality of services, and customer satisfaction, regardless of race or national origin.

Humana shares the Colorado Medicare Advantage market with other key players such as UnitedHealthcare and Aetna. Despite the competition, Humana’s diverse range of offerings and commitment to quality care help it maintain a strong foothold in the state.


Unique Offerings

Humana distinguishes itself from other insurers in Colorado with its unique offerings. The co-branded plans, in collaboration with local providers, are specifically designed to provide extensive coverage, including dental, vision, and hearing benefits, to meet the needs of specific populations with cost-effective choices.

Moreover, Humana’s commitment to providing coverage in rural areas is noteworthy. With a 13 percent increase in enrollment in rural areas compared to 7 percent in urban areas, Humana demonstrates a more robust presence and offerings in these regions than potentially other insurers.

Enrollment Process and Support


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Colorado 2025, Enrollment Process and Support


The process to enroll in Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado is simple and direct. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the company’s website to review the available plans.


  • Choose the most suitable option.


  • Proceed to complete the application online.


  • If needed, seek guidance from Humana’s customer support to assist you through the enrollment process.


In addition to the ease of enrollment, Humana also offers support for beneficiaries. This includes free language interpreter services during the enrollment process, catering to over 200 languages to facilitate non-English speakers in understanding and accessing plan options.


Free Language Interpreter Services

Humana’s dedication to inclusivity is demonstrated through its provision of free language interpreter services.

These services, which include oral interpretation in over 200 languages via phone and video remote interpretation in 27 languages, ensure that all beneficiaries can access and understand their plan options.

Beneficiaries can access these complimentary language interpreter services by contacting Humana Customer Care using the number provided on the back of their member ID card.

There are no restrictions or limitations based on color, national origin, age, or any other factors on accessing these services, ensuring they are accessible to all who require them.


Navigating Plan Selection

Selecting the appropriate Medicare Advantage plan can seem overwhelming. That’s why Humana provides support to beneficiaries by offering Medicare Advantage plans tailored to their individual needs.

This includes personalized consultations to help them select a plan that aligns with their preferences and health needs.

The process at Humana entails visiting their website, utilizing online comparison tools to explore available plans, and enrolling by supplying personal information.

Throughout this process, there are resources and licensed Humana sales agents available to assist. Moreover, Humana is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service during the plan selection process, accessible through their phone line at 800-4-HUMANA.


In conclusion, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado offer a wide range of options designed to cater to the diverse needs of beneficiaries. From HMO and PPO plans to co-branded plans and Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans, Humana provides comprehensive and cost-effective coverage options.

Their commitment to serving rural areas and providing free language interpreter services further emphasizes their dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. With competitive premiums, cost-sharing options, and a strong market presence, Humana proves to be a reliable and comprehensive choice for Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado.


Frequently Asked Questions


  What is new in Humana in 2025?

In 2025, Humana introduced updates to its Prescription Drug Plans, including the Humana Walmart Value Rx plan with affordable copays for generic medications.

Additionally, all Humana Medicare Advantage plans now include dental, vision, and hearing benefits.


  What is the best Medicare Advantage plan for 2025?

The best Medicare Advantage plan for 2025 is Humana, as it offers high-quality ratings, good customer satisfaction, widespread availability, numerous $0-per-month plans, and better healthcare quality than AARP/UHC.


→  What is the Humana over-the-counter allowance for 2025?

In 2025, Humana offers a $100 quarterly allowance for over-the-counter health and wellness products through their OTC Mail Order provider. Unused amounts expire at the end of each quarter.


→  What are the disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage?

The disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage include limited choice of doctors and medical offices and potentially higher overall costs for those with complex medical needs.

It’s best suited for individuals who do not require expensive treatments or tests.


 What types of Medicare Advantage plans does Humana offer in Colorado?

Humana offers a diverse range of Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado, including HMO, PPO, and co-branded plans with local providers. Consider exploring these options for your healthcare needs.

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