Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans

Searching for Freedom Health Medicare Advantage plans? Discover the specifics of coverage, cost-saving features, and plan options that align with your healthcare requirements.

This article dives into the heart of Freedom Health’s Medicare plans, exploring the potential unique benefits and guiding you through selecting and enrolling in the plan that suits you best.


Key Takeaways

  • Freedom Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans provide an alternative to Original Medicare with extensive coverage for healthcare services, including hospital visits, lab tests, and preventive screenings, as well as potential added benefits, though they require using the plan’s network of providers.


  • The plans offer comprehensive prescription drug coverage under Freedom Medicare Plan RX with potential additional benefits like drugs, expanded dental, vision, and hearing benefits. The high-quality care is reflected in the 4.5-Star rating awarded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


  • Freedom Health provides a variety of plan options including HMO and SNPs tailored for specific needs, ample member resources and support, and maintains a strong network of healthcare providers in Florida with localized care and affordable coverage options.

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Unlocking the Benefits of Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, Unlocking the Benefits of Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans


Freedom Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans aim to provide you peace of mind. A comprehensive alternative to Original Medicare, Freedom Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans provides extensive coverage for crucial healthcare services, including:

  • hospital visits


  • doctor appointments


  • lab tests


  • preventive screenings


But that’s not all. These many plans go beyond traditional health coverage, offering potential additional benefits to enhance your quality of life, ultimately leading to healthier lives.

Freedom Health prioritizes your health and comfort. That’s why their plans may include benefits.

All these perks work together to help you lead a healthier life. Remember, Medicare Advantage plans necessitate the use of the plan’s network of providers, potentially limiting your options in choosing healthcare facilities.


Comprehensive Health Services and Coverage

Freedom Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans offer comprehensive healthcare services and coverage. Unlike regular Medicare, their plans may include supplementary benefits such as hearing, vision, and comprehensive dental coverage. Additionally, they understand that hospital stays can be expensive.

That’s why their Medicare Advantage Plans feature reduced copayments for hospital stays, making it easier for members to pay for their healthcare services.

Remember, there exist limitations on the coverage provided by Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, including HMO and D-SNP plans. Furthermore, coverage and access to care may be restricted based on the plan’s specific geographic area.


Prescription Drug Coverage with Freedom Medicare Plan RX

It’s vital to comprehend your prescription drug coverage. With Freedom Medicare Plan RX, you can be confident in your medication coverage. This plan often provides:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how the plan covers your medication


  • The tier on which your prescription drugs fall


  • Any coverage rules that may apply to you


Freedom Health is committed to member satisfaction by providing clear information about prescription drug coverage.

The prescription drugs covered by Freedom Medicare Plan RX are detailed in a formulary, a comprehensive list of drugs covered by the plan to address patient requirements.

Freedom Health understands the importance of safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness, and classifies drugs into various tiers considering these factors.

Coverage is typically provided for drugs listed in their formulary as long as the drug remains medically necessary, and the prescription is filled at a Freedom Health pharmacy. Plus, there is no deductible for prescription drugs under Freedom Medicare Plan RX.


Enhanced Vision, Dental, and Hearing Benefits

Freedom Health believes in providing a comprehensive healthcare experience. That’s why their Medicare Advantage plans may offer expanded benefits for dental, vision, and hearing services.

You may have access to:

  • Medicare-covered dental benefits


  • Extended coverage for dental care and dentures


  • Routine eye and foot care




The Star Ratings and What They Mean for You


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, The Star Ratings and What They Mean for You


Considering a healthcare plan’s Star Rating is crucial when selecting. Star Ratings are used to assess the quality of care and services offered by Medicare Advantage Plans.

This rating system, employed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, assists consumers in comparing the quality of nursing homes, Medicare health plans, and drug plans, ensuring that members have a reliable measure for evaluating plan quality.

Freedom Health is proud to announce that their 2022 Medicare Advantage plans have been awarded a 4.5-Star rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. But what contributes to their high Star Ratings?

Let’s delve deeper into the factors that drive their commitment to delivering high-quality care and services.


Factors Contributing to Freedom Health’s High Star Ratings

The standard of care significantly influences the determination of Star Ratings. Superior care leads to better performance metrics, which in turn results in higher Star Ratings.

One of the reasons for Freedom Health’s high star ratings is the collaborative relationships they have with care providers in their network. These relationships contribute to their overall quality of care.

These relationships ensure that their members have access to high-quality care.

Freedom Health’s Star Ratings are also greatly impacted by the quality of customer service. They provide exceptional customer service, which reflects in their overall performance and satisfaction rates.

Together, these factors drive their commitment to delivering a superior healthcare experience.

Navigating the Freedom Platinum Plan


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, Navigating the Freedom Platinum Plan


Among their top-rated options, they offer Medicare Advantage through the Freedom Platinum Plan, ensuring optimum healthcare for their members. This plan not only encompasses comprehensive healthcare services but may also include prescription drug coverage as an integral component.

Going above and beyond, the Freedom Platinum Plan may offer additional benefits such as:

  • Coverage for hearing


  • Coverage for vision


  • Coverage for dental


It also provides exclusive specialized services such as advance care planning services available through MyDirectives, ensuring a comprehensive healthcare experience for their plan members.


HMO and Special Needs Plans: Tailored Care Options


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, HMO and Special Needs Plans: Tailored Care Options


Offering HMO and Special Needs Plans, Freedom Health caters to unique healthcare needs with personalized care options. An HMO plan is a Medicare-approved health plan offered by a private company that covers most of the Part A and Part B benefits.

It typically encompasses drug coverage under Part D.

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) in Medicare, on the other hand, are tailored to deliver focused care and restrict coverage to individuals with specific chronic or disabling conditions.

These plans encompass either HMO or PPO plan types and include the same Medicare Part A and Part B benefits as all Medicare Advantage Plans. Let’s delve deeper into understanding HMO Plans and the special attention provided by HMO D SNP, a type of C-SNPs.


Understanding HMO Plans

HMO Plans, a category of Medicare Advantage Plan, offer plans with:

  • Organized and coordinated healthcare services


  • Access to a prominent network of HMO doctors and care providers


This level of coordination and coverage can make HMO Plans an attractive option for many beneficiaries.

HMO Plans from Freedom Health coordinate care for beneficiaries through the management of covered services by the Primary Care Physician (PCP) and by ensuring that healthcare providers are informed about the plan enrollment. This coordination offers a seamless healthcare experience for their members.


Special Attention with C-SNPs

Chronic Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) are designed to offer additional support specifically for those with eligible chronic conditions.

Unlike other Medicare Advantage plans, C-SNPs are tailored to provide specialized care and include all the benefits of Original Medicare Part A and Part B.

Freedom Health provides customized C-SNPs to individuals with specific chronic illnesses or those who are dual eligible (Medicare and Medicaid recipients).

These plans are designed to address the specific needs of these groups and involve the utilization of care coordinators to assist members in managing their health. Chronic conditions that qualify for C-SNPs include:

  • Diabetes


  • Cardiovascular Disease


  • Chronic/Congestive Heart Failure


  • and a variety of other chronic disorders.

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Member Resources and Support


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, Member Resources and Support


Freedom Health prioritizes providing comprehensive resources and support for their members. Their offerings may include:

  • Coverage options


  • Diabetic supplies ordering


  • Important practice resources


  • The option to select a primary care provider


  • Comprehensive information on coverage and referrals


But what about health education and preventative care resources? Let’s explore these in more detail.


Access to Health Education and Preventative Care

Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans encompass preventative care benefits which may include hearing, vision, and comprehensive dental benefits, and adhere to the preventive health guidelines recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

In addition to preventative care, they offer a range of information, documents, and educational material for providers, specifically designed to promote the improvement of member well-being.

By coordinating with medical technology, accessing Continuing Education Resources offered by the Office of Minority Health, enhancing cultural competency in materials, and utilizing the educational resources available through the Medicare Learning Network, members can optimize their utilization of health education resources.


Member Tools and Assistance

Freedom Health recognizes the importance of accessible resources and support for a smooth healthcare experience.

That’s why they offer essential practice resources including healthcare and administrative tools, self-management tools for evaluating health risks, and resources specifically designed for SNP members. Additionally, members have the option to request over-the-counter drugs and supplies.

They’ve also integrated digital tools and applications, which may include:

  • A Member Portal for accessing health information


  • Tools for ordering over-the-counter supplies


  • Self-management apps for meal planning, goal setting, and health progress tracking


And if you need assistance, the dedicated helpline, social services assistance, and assistance with referrals and prior authorizations are just a call away.


Comparing Costs and Savings

You don’t have to compromise your budget for healthcare. Freedom Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans offer affordable yet comprehensive coverage. The expenses linked to a Medicare Advantage plan include:

  • premiums


  • deductibles


  • copays


  • coinsurance


But Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans typically involve lower premium costs per month and may involve nominal copays for doctor visits.

When it comes to healthcare, Freedom Health is committed to providing quality care that’s accessible and affordable.

Enrollment Essentials

Eager to join the Freedom Health family? Before you proceed, familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria for enrolling in Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans.

To be eligible, individuals must enroll in Freedom Health, Inc., which is an HMO with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Florida Medicaid program. Additionally, Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are offered to members with specific chronic conditions.

When it comes to the enrollment process, Freedom Health makes it easy. Enrollment in their Medicare Advantage Plans is subject to contract renewal and is generally restricted to specific enrollment periods.

However, eligibility for enrollment during a special election period or the Medicare Initial Election Period is also possible. When you’re ready to enroll, you may need to provide documentation such as the Evidence of Coverage document and proof of citizenship or legal residency in the United States.

Localized Care: Florida’s Network of Providers

Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, Localized Care: Florida's Network of Providers

Freedom Health grants you access to a strong network of healthcare providers in Florida. Their provider network covers several counties in Florida, including:

  • Brevard


  • Citrus


  • Hernando


  • Hillsborough


  • Indian River


  • Lake


  • Lee


  • Manatee


  • Marion


  • Martin


  • Orange


  • Osceola


This ensures localized care for their plan members.

In this network, members have access to a wide range of services, encompassing those delivered by:

  • Medical Doctors (MDs)


  • Osteopathic Doctors (DOs)


  • Podiatric Doctors (DPMs)


  • Chiropractic Doctors (DCs)


  • Specialists like internists, cardiologists, and gastroenterologists


To locate healthcare providers within Florida’s Network, you can utilize the ‘Find a Provider’ tool available on the Freedom Health website.

And if you ever need assistance in accessing local care in Florida, you can:

  • Contact their dedicated helpline


  • Enroll through the CMS Medicare Online Enrollment Center


  • Reach out to Member Services


  • Contact the State Health Insurance Assistance Program


  • Contact Medicare

Making Informed Choices: How to Select the Right Plan


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans, Making Informed Choices: How to Select the Right Plan


While selecting the right Medicare Advantage Plan can seem daunting, possessing the right information allows you to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your healthcare needs.

One of the first steps to take is to verify if your preferred doctor or hospital participates in the plan’s network. This ensures that you can continue receiving care from your trusted healthcare providers.

To compare various Medicare Advantage plans, you can visit the homepage, enter your ZIP code, and proceed to compare the available Medicare Advantage plans.

When choosing a plan, consider the costs, in-network doctors, and potential additional benefits such as prescription coverage, dental care, and other perks provided by the plan.

To assess the prescription drug coverage, review drug plans that list your prescription drugs on their formulary, verify if the plan includes your preferred pharmacies, and consider plans with a 5-star rating.


Freedom Health Medicare Advantage Plans offer comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

From broad health services and coverage to prescription drug coverage and expanded potential benefits for dental, vision, and hearing services, they provide everything you need for a healthier life.

With high Star Ratings, a robust network of providers, and affordable pricing, Freedom Health is committed to delivering quality care and superior customer service.

Choosing the right healthcare plan is a significant decision. But with Freedom Health, you can be confident in your choice.

With a variety of plans to choose from, comprehensive coverage, and exceptional member resources and support, they’re here to help you navigate your healthcare journey. With Freedom Health, healthier living is within your reach.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  Is Freedom Health insurance legit?

Yes, Freedom Health insurance is considered legit and has consistently been rated as one of the top Florida healthcare providers by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.


→  Who bought Freedom Health?

Anthem bought Freedom Health under its America’s 1st Choice deal to acquire Florida-based health maintenance organization plans.


  What are the advantages of a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare Advantage plans typically offer lower-cost options for comprehensive coverage.

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