Does Humana Cover Chiropractic Services?

Does Humana cover chiropractic treatment? In short, yes—Humana healthcare plans typically provide chiropractic coverage, but the specifics depend on the individual plan and location. This essential guide will help you understand your coverage, the benefits available to you, and how to effectively manage your chiropractic care with Humana.


Key Takeaways

  • Humana health insurance plans may include coverage for chiropractic services, such as spinal manipulations and physical therapy, but coverage extent varies based on the plan’s details, in-network providers, and the beneficiary’s location.



  • Understanding the limitations and requirements, such as service coverage limits and preauthorization, is essential for managing potential out-of-pocket expenses for chiropractic services under Humana insurance plans.

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Does Humana Cover Chiropractic Services?

Humana, a leading health insurance provider, offers coverage for chiropractic services within their health insurance plans.

These services are integral to pain management and physical therapy, and can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses for individuals seeking treatment. However, it’s important to note that the extent of coverage can vary based on your specific plan, the in-network providers you choose, and even your location.

While Humana offers quality insurance coverage for chiropractic care, it is not without limitations. Understanding these limitations can help you plan your treatment and manage your expenses effectively.



Humana Health Insurance Plans and Chiropractic Coverage

Humana health insurance plans encompass group, Medicare, health, and supplemental plans, all of which can include coverage for chiropractic services. This coverage includes services like spinal manipulation and physical therapy, both of which are highly effective in pain management.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to scrutinize your particular Humana health insurance plan for in-depth information regarding chiropractic coverage. This is particularly important in relation to Medicare Part B coverage and the specific types of chiropractic treatments that are covered.


In-Network Providers and Chiropractic Services

In-network providers are key in enabling reduced cost chiropractic services for Humana members, thus assuring cost-efficient care. By agreeing to Humana’s payment terms, these providers can significantly decrease your out-of-pocket expenses for chiropractic care.


Humana members can utilize Humana’s provider locator tool to find in-network chiropractic providers. While some coverage for out-of-network chiropractic services may be available, additional costs may be involved, and the specifics of the coverage will depend on the individual’s plan.


Location-Based Differences in Chiropractic Coverage

The scope of chiropractic coverage by Humana can be significantly affected by location, including states like CA, CT, DC, DE, NY, OH, OR, PA, and factors such as race color national origin age disability sex, sexual orientation gender identity, identity or expression transgender, status marital, Medicare Part B coverage, and local resources can contribute to these location-based differences in relation to sex sexual orientation gender.

Humana provides a provider search tool to help determine your chiropractic coverage based on your location. While Humana does provide chiropractic coverage, the details may differ based on your specific policy and location.

Humana Medicare and Chiropractic Services

Humana Medicare, including Medicare Advantage HMO PPO, offers comprehensive coverage for medically necessary chiropractic services. These services encompass:


  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Other treatments that are considered medically necessary.


The coverage provided by Humana Medicare presents a non-invasive, drug-free method for addressing musculoskeletal disorders in states like MD, ME, MI, MN. It includes benefits such as a tailored treatment plan to treat these conditions, guidance for lifestyle modifications, and the promotion of overall wellness.


Eligibility Requirements for Humana Medicare Chiropractic Coverage

In order to receive Humana Medicare chiropractic coverage, individuals need to be enrolled in a Humana Medicare Advantage plan. This requirement ensures that individuals have access to additional benefits for their chiropractic care. Medicare Part B may provide coverage for a portion of chiropractic treatment for specific musculoskeletal disorders, as deemed medically necessary.


Chiropractors that accept humana insurance



Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for a range of chiropractic services, such as spinal manipulation and physical therapy. Adherence to the criteria of Medicare Part B and the incorporation of certain treatments can help reduce the amount members need to pay for chiropractic care.


Maximizing Your Humana Medicare Chiropractic Benefits

To maximize your Humana Medicare chiropractic benefits, it is necessary to comprehend your coverage, opt for in-network providers, and make use of preventive care. In addition to chiropractic care, the Humana Medicare chiropractic coverage in Florida encompasses physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Selecting an in-network provider is vital as they have agreed to Humana’s payment terms, leading to a substantial reduction in your out-of-pocket expenses. The utilization of preventive care services, included in your Humana Medicare chiropractic benefits, can help preserve spinal health and potentially avert the need for more intensive treatments.

Navigating Chiropractic Service Limitations with Humana

Even with its broad coverage, Humana insurance plans have certain restrictions that might result in out-of-pocket costs for chiropractic services. Navigating these limitations requires a clear understanding of coverage limits and preauthorization requirements.


Humana chiropractors near me



Preauthorization is mandatory for all chiropractic services with Humana. It can be requested through various methods such as telephone, fax, or online for commercial coverage. The recommended approach for managing the preauthorization process involves reaching out to Humana via phone, fax, or online using the provided contact information.


Understanding Coverage Limits

Coverage limits for chiropractic services under Humana involve Medicare Part B contributing 80% of the treatment costs after the deductible has been met. In the event that you surpass your chiropractic coverage limit with Humana, Medicare Part B may provide assistance by covering a percentage of a specific type of chiropractic treatment.

Grasping these coverage limits is key to preventing unforeseen expenses. It’s recommended to review your specific Humana health insurance plan for detailed information about chiropractic coverage.


Preauthorization Requirements

Certain chiropractic services with Humana may require preauthorization. This is important to confirm coverage for the services and prevent any payment-related complications. Preauthorization from Humana is generally necessary for individuals aged 21 years or older who are in need of more than 15 chiropractic visits per year.

The process for obtaining preauthorization involves submitting a request through their provider or member telephone line, or by sending a fax to the number provided for this purpose. Understanding these preauthorization requirements can help you plan your treatment and manage your expenses effectively.

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Comparing Humana Chiropractic Coverage to Other Insurance Providers

When selecting a health insurance provider, one should compare the chiropractic coverage provided by diverse companies. This comparison should assess the types of services covered, the cost of coverage, and the availability of providers.

Humana’s chiropractic coverage stands out due to its comprehensive nature, competitive premiums, and extensive provider network. However, it’s important to note that other insurance providers, such as Apollo Insurance Group and Stumpff Chiropractic, are recognized for providing more comprehensive chiropractic coverage than Humana.


Premiums and Coverage

Evaluating premiums and coverage levels is a vital step when comparing health insurance providers. Although the available information does not specify the comparison of premium costs for Humana insurance plans with other major insurance providers, it’s clear that the coverage for chiropractic services in Humana insurance plans may vary depending on individual policy.

Indeed, Humana provides chiropractic coverage for its members, although the level of coverage may differ when compared to other insurers. It’s important to consider these factors when making an informed decision about your healthcare needs.


Network Size and Provider Availability

The size of the provider network and the availability of chiropractors is another significant aspect to consider when comparing insurance options. Humana’s standing as one of the five largest health insurance companies by revenue suggests a substantial provider network.


How many chiropractic visits does medicare cover in a year



The availability and accessibility of chiropractic providers can significantly impact the frequency of utilization of these services. A strong provider network within Humana may contribute to improved management of spine conditions and potentially lower the reliance on other medical services.

Tips for Choosing a Chiropractor with Humana Insurance

Selecting a chiropractor within the Humana network requires a thoughtful evaluation of various factors. These include the provider’s credentials, patient reviews, and whether they are in-network providers.

To confirm if a chiropractor is within Humana’s provider network, individuals can contact a Member Services specialist or utilize online platforms such as Zocdoc to locate chiropractors who accept Humana insurance.


Researching In-Network Providers

To locate in-network chiropractors, you may want to visit the Humana website and utilize their ‘Find a doctor’ feature. This tool allows users to conduct searches based on location, provider type, or name.


Does aarp united healthcare cover chiropractic



If you wish to seek assistance in finding in-network chiropractic providers through direct communication, you can reach out to Humana’s customer service. They will provide guidance in identifying a suitable chiropractic provider within your plan’s network and offer free language interpreter services if needed.


Reading Patient Reviews

Perusing patient reviews and testimonials is an integral part of selecting a chiropractor that aligns with your needs and expectations. These reviews can be found on various websites such as Zocdoc and

Patient testimonials can provide valuable insights into the quality of care provided by various chiropractors within the Humana network. They can help you make an informed decision and ensure that you choose a chiropractor that best suits your needs.


In conclusion, Humana provides coverage for chiropractic services in their health insurance plans, including Humana Medicare. This coverage can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for chiropractic care.

However, the extent of coverage can vary based on your specific plan, the in-network providers you choose, and your location. By understanding these differences, you can make the most of your Humana coverage and ensure that you receive the best possible chiropractic care.

Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a limit on chiropractic visits for Medicare?

Medicare has no limit on the number of chiropractic visits covered as long as each visit is medically necessary to treat an altered vertebrae position. However, Medicare won’t pay for continuing, or maintenance, chiropractic care once the spine is realigned.


What does Humana Medicare Advantage cover?

Humana Medicare Advantage plans cover medical services and supplies included in Original Medicare Parts A and B, as well as may include prescription drug coverage, vision, hearing, dental care, and other extra benefits. Routine dental, vision, and hearing benefits are included in all 2024 Humana Medicare Advantage plans.


Does Medicare pay for decompression therapy?

No, Medicare does not consider certain spinal decompression therapies as medically necessary, even if they provide pain relief.


How can I find in-network chiropractors who accept Humana insurance?

To find in-network chiropractors who accept Humana insurance, you can use Humana’s ‘Find a doctor’ feature on their website or contact their customer service for guidance.


Does the extent of chiropractic coverage vary based on location?

Yes, the coverage for chiropractic services can vary based on location, including with Humana.

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