Do Humana Medicare Advantage plans Cover Wheelchairs?

If you’re wondering, “does Humana Medicare Advantage cover wheelchairs?” the short answer is yes – subject to certain conditions based on the specificities of your plan and medical necessity.

In this article, we dive into the types of wheelchairs that may be covered, the nuances between different plans, and the steps needed to get your wheelchair costs covered under your Humana Medicare Advantage plan.


Key Takeaways



  • Eligibility for wheelchair coverage requires a doctor’s evaluation and documentation establishing medical necessity, followed by prior approval from Humana, while further assistance is available through customer service and online resources.

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Understanding Humana Medicare Advantage DME Coverage

Medicare Advantage is a popular choice for many, and Humana, a leading player in this arena, offers plans with extensive coverage in states like MD, ME, MI, MN.

One such coverage is for Durable Medical Equipment (DME), which includes wheelchairs.

But, like a well-tailored suit, each plan varies in its specifics – and navigating these details can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


Understanding Humana Medicare Advantage DME Coverage

Types of Wheelchairs Covered

First, we will explore the different kinds of wheelchairs that Humana Medicare Advantage covers.

From manual wheelchairs to power ones and even scooters, Humana Medicare Advantage has you covered. But there’s a caveat – the coverage depends on medical necessity and specific plan details.

Moreover, certain types of power wheelchairs require prior authorization for Medicare coverage. This indicates the need to meet specific criteria for approval. Typically, the DME supplier is responsible for submitting the prior authorization request and all necessary documentation to Medicare on behalf of the patient.


Plan Variations and Coverage Details

Humana offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans, including medicare advantage hmo ppo plans, as well as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans.


Wheelchairs covered by medicare



Each of these plans offers coverage for Medicare Parts A and B and may include additional benefits like prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, and hearing benefits.

Coverage for wheelchairs may vary across different Humana Medicare Advantage plans. Therefore, scrutinizing each plan’s details is crucial to understand the specific coverage and benefits for wheelchairs.

For example, Medicare provides coverage for renting a wheelchair for 13 months of continuous use under certain plans. Part B covers 80% of the cost, and the specific requirements may differ depending on the plan.

It’s also important to note that Humana Medicare Advantage plans may have limitations regarding wheelchair coverage, which could include caps on the amount covered, types of wheelchairs eligible, or rental versus purchase options. For detailed information, it is always advisable to refer to specific plan details or contact Humana directly.


Prescription and Approval Process

To obtain coverage for a wheelchair, you’ll need to follow these steps:


  1. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the necessity of a wheelchair.
  2. Undergo an evaluation to assess medical need.
  3. If required, the doctor will submit a Certificate of Necessity to Medicare for review within your plan.


Approval from Humana will be required for coverage.

Humana’s coverage for power wheelchairs may necessitate pre-approval or ‘prior authorization’, with specific criteria subject to variation. It is advisable to directly reach out to Humana for this information.

In addition to the prescription, it is necessary to submit a Certificate of Necessity detailing the type of wheelchair needed, whether it is a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or scooter.

Cost Considerations with Humana Medicare Advantage

Although securing wheelchair coverage from Humana Medicare Advantage offers peace of mind, one must not overlook the associated costs. The average deductible for wheelchair coverage under Humana Medicare Advantage is $226 in 2023.


List of durable medical equipment covered by medicare



The cost of a wheelchair is not covered by Medicare until the Part B deductible is met. After meeting this deductible, copayment costs may be applicable based on your plan.


Meeting Deductibles

In the context of Humana Medicare Advantage, a deductible is a predetermined sum that plan members are required to pay from their own funds before the plan starts covering expenses. Once you meet the deductible by paying the specified out-of-pocket amount, Humana begins covering the costs.

The standard deductible for Humana Medicare Advantage plans can vary, and for Medicare Part B, it is set at $240 for the year 2024. Deductibles may vary based on the chosen plan. The deductible resets annually.

After the deductible has been satisfied, the Humana Medicare Advantage plan offers coverage for wheelchair expenses.


Copayment Information

In addition to deductibles, you’ll also need to consider copayments. Copayments for wheelchairs under Humana Medicare Advantage are determined based on the Medicare-approved amount, with individuals typically responsible for 20% after their Part B deductible has been met, while Medicare covers the remaining 80%.

But remember, the copayment amounts for wheelchairs under Humana Medicare Advantage may differ depending on the state or region. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with Humana or thoroughly review your specific plan details for precise information.

Additional Benefits and Services

Humana Medicare Advantage goes beyond just covering your wheelchair needs. It offers additional benefits and services, such as lower-cost preferred pharmacies and free language interpreter services, to assist its members.


Power wheelchairs covered by medicare



Lower Cost Preferred Pharmacies

Lower-cost preferred pharmacies can provide Humana Medicare Advantage members with reduced prescription costs, easier access to medications, and potential savings.

These pharmacies offer DME, including wheelchairs, at reduced costs compared to standard in-network cost-share pharmacies.

To acquire DME from a preferred pharmacy under the Humana Medicare Advantage plan, it is advisable to reach out to national DME providers, such as AdaptHealth Corp. and Rotech Healthcare Inc., who offer DME services for Humana’s Medicare Advantage HMO.


Free Language Interpreter Services

Humana is committed to ensuring all its members understand their benefits and coverage, regardless of their native language. As such, Humana Medicare Advantage members can access free language interpreter services by reaching out to Humana directly.

These services encompass oral interpretation in 200 languages and video interpretation in 24 languages.

These interpreter services improve members’ comprehension of benefits and coverage by offering language assistance and multi-language interpreter services at no cost. This helps to overcome language barriers, ensuring members obtain precise and comprehensive information about their healthcare choices.

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Eligibility Criteria for Wheelchair Coverage

Eligibility for wheelchair coverage under Humana Medicare Advantage hinges on a few key requirements.


  1. First and foremost, the medical necessity for a wheelchair needs to be established by a healthcare provider.
  2. Secondly, the healthcare provider must provide specific documentation detailing the necessity.


Medical Necessity Requirements

Medical necessity is a crucial factor in determining eligibility for wheelchair coverage. The medical necessity for a wheelchair is established when a physician issues a written order or Certificate of Necessity, containing a statement indicating that the patient’s medical condition justifies the use of the equipment for home use.


What does humana cover



Keep in mind, each case is individually assessed by the healthcare provider to determine the medical necessity of a wheelchair. Documentation such as:


  • medical records
  • physician’s notes
  • diagnostic test results
  • treatment plans


It may be necessary to demonstrate medical necessity under Humana Medicare Advantage, especially for those residing in ca ct dc de regions.


Physician Documentation and Face-to-Face Examination

A face-to-face examination by a healthcare provider is typically involved in the process of establishing the need for a wheelchair.

This examination assesses the patient’s mobility needs, evaluates their functional limitations, and determines their ability to safely utilize a wheelchair. The provider may also review medical records to support their evaluation.

Beyond the face-to-face examination, documentation from a healthcare provider confirming the medical necessity for the wheelchair and its intended use at home is obligatory for coverage. The documentation should specify the type of wheelchair required, whether it is a manual wheelchair or a power scooter.

How to Access Wheelchair Benefits

After deciphering the complex details of coverage and eligibility criteria, including national origin age disability sex, you can proceed to avail your wheelchair benefits. This can be done by contacting Humana directly or utilizing online resources.


Contacting Humana for Assistance


Medicare wheelchair providers near me

To initiate a discussion regarding wheelchair coverage with Humana, it is recommended to contact their customer care team at 877-877-1051.


Humana’s customer service is adept at efficiently processing wheelchair benefits and providing cultural, linguistic, and disability customer service to ensure culturally competent delivery of services.

Apart from English, Humana’s customer service also offers free interpretation services in multiple languages, ensuring that race, color, national origin, age, or language barriers, as well as expression transgender status marital, won’t stop you from understanding and accessing your benefits.


Utilizing Online Resources

For self-researchers, Humana provides a plethora of online resources on their website. These resources include a dedicated section for understanding the covered types of wheelchairs, accessing coverage, and appealing claims.

Additionally, to access information regarding Medicare Advantage DME coverage, such as wheelchairs, on the Humana website, individuals can navigate to the Humana Medicare Resources – Durable Medical Equipment page. This page offers detailed information for members in need of coverage details.

Rights and Protections

As a Humana Medicare Advantage member, you have specific rights and protections regarding your healthcare. Some of these rights and protections include:


  • The right to understand your rights and obligations as a member
  • Protection from unexpected medical billing for emergency and certain services
  • Access to the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman for assistance with complaints, grievances, and information requests.


In the event of perceived rights violations, members have the option to:


  • Request an appeal
  • Lodge a grievance
  • Designate a representative
  • Submit a formal complaint or appeal in accordance with the plan’s grievance and appeals procedure, regardless of their military or veteran status or religion
  • Seek support from the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman.

Tips for Navigating Coverage

A few tips can simplify the process of understanding wheelchair coverage. For example, preparing for prior authorization and seeking in-network suppliers can help ensure coverage and lower costs.


What does humana gold cover



Preparing for Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is a mandatory requirement for certain types of power wheelchairs. To prepare for obtaining prior authorization for wheelchair coverage, follow these steps:


  1. Check the eligibility criteria for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) coverage.
  2. Ensure that the prescribed wheelchair meets Humana’s criteria.
  3. Request ‘prior authorization’ for the specific type of power wheelchair.
  4. Submit the necessary documents to Medicare.
  5. Contact Humana to submit preauthorization requests and follow up to ensure the process is completed successfully.


In case of denial of prior authorization for wheelchair coverage, you can utilize the Claim Status tool on the Humana website to identify the claim you wish to appeal. This will initiate the appeals process and enable you to submit additional information or documentation to bolster your case.


Seeking In-Network Suppliers

Using in-network suppliers can help ensure coverage and lower costs for wheelchairs. To locate in-network suppliers for your Humana Medicare Advantage plan, you can utilize the provider search tool available on Humana’s website, where you can filter by location or specialty.

Alternatively, you can seek assistance from a Member Services specialist at Humana to help you find covered in-network providers.

Remember, Humana has partnered with two national durable medical equipment organizations, AdaptHealth Corp. and Rotech Healthcare Inc., to provide in-network suppliers for wheelchairs.


To recap, Humana Medicare Advantage offers comprehensive coverage for wheelchairs as part of its DME benefits. The coverage varies depending on the specific plan, and it’s important to understand the details of your plan, including deductibles and copayments.

Navigating the coverage can seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and guidance, you can make the most of your benefits. Remember, you have the right to understand your coverage and to seek assistance when needed. Don’t let the complexity deter you from accessing the benefits you need and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of wheelchair will Medicare pay for?

Medicare Part B covers the cost of wheelchairs with the necessary documentation from your doctor. You may qualify for a power or manual wheelchair depending on your situation and the type of wheelchair must be specified in the Certificate of Necessity provided by your doctor.


What does Humana Medicare Advantage cover?

Humana Medicare Advantage plans cover medical services and supplies like Original Medicare, and may also include prescription drug coverage, vision, hearing, dental care, and other extra benefits. These plans also offer dental, vision, and hearing benefits.


What are the eligibility criteria for wheelchair coverage?

To qualify for wheelchair coverage, you need to demonstrate medical necessity and obtain documented support from a physician.


How can I access my wheelchair benefits?

To access your wheelchair benefits, contact Humana directly or use the online resources provided on their website. This will help you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently.

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