Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans 2024

Are you searching for a Medicare Advantage plan that caters to your diverse healthcare needs while offering affordability and convenience?

Look no further, as Cigna Medicare Advantage plans 2024 provide expanded coverage, a variety of plan types, and a host of key features designed to keep you healthy and happy.


Key Takeaways

  • Cigna is offering a range of high-quality, affordable, and comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans in 29 states for its members in 2024.
  • The coverage area has expanded to 603 counties across 29 states and the District of Columbia with additional fitness and meal benefits.
  • Cigna’s plans offer key features such as $0 copays for primary care visits, dental/vision/hearing services, wellness incentives & fitness benefits plus prescription drug coverage & savings options.

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Cigna's 2024 Medicare Advantage Plans

As a leading health benefits provider, Cigna is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its members with its 2024 Cigna Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage offerings, including the Cigna group contract.

These plans are available in 29 states and come in a variety of types, such as HMOs, PPOs, and dual-eligible special needs plans.

Adhering to high standards of affordability, network quality, and comprehensive coverage, Cigna’s plans include fitness and meal benefits, ensuring a well-rounded healthcare experience for its members.


Cigna Medicare advantage coverage area


Coverage Area Expansion

Cigna’s Medicare Advantage coverage area is set to grow significantly in 2024, extending its reach to an additional 350 counties across 14 states, including:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia


This expansion will increase Cigna’s quality Medicare Advantage coverage to a total of 603 counties across 29 states and the District of Columbia.

Cigna’s goal in expanding its reach is to enhance customer choices and value, supplement benefits, decrease cost sharing, and boost rewards and incentives. All these efforts aim towards growing the membership base and ameliorating the member experience.

Existing Cigna Health Medicare Advantage subscribers stand to benefit from this coverage area expansion.

More options and access to healthcare services will be available, allowing for greater convenience and flexibility in receiving medical care. The expansion may also introduce new benefits and features that enhance the overall coverage and experience for existing subscribers.


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Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan Types

A variety of plan types are available through Cigna, designed to suit diverse budgets and healthcare needs. Their 2024 Medicare Supplement plans include:

  • $0 premium plans, ensuring affordability without compromising on coverage
  • The Courage MA-only plan, tailored to U.S. military veterans eligible for TRICARE for Life or VA Healthcare, provides specialized coverage for this unique group
  • $0 premium Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive coverage, including dental, vision, fitness, meals, and enhanced hearing benefits.


Cigna’s dual-eligible special needs plan (D-SNP) caters to individuals eligible for both Medicare and select state Medicaid programs. This plan offers comprehensive coverage by coordinating benefits between Medicare and Medicaid, providing additional support and coordination for individuals with dual eligibility.


Key Features

$0 copays for primary care visits and comprehensive health benefits distinguish Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans as they boast these key features. Beneficiaries can access primary care services without any out-of-pocket cost due to the $0 copay feature, thereby rendering healthcare more accessible and cost-effective for enrollees.

In addition to primary care, the health benefits included in Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans encompass:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Fitness benefits
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Additional benefits such as case management and individualized care plans


Members can avail of 24/7 virtual medical and behavioral healthcare, coupled with the advantage of a $0 copay for primary care and minor acute urgent care services. This ensures that they can receive quality healthcare whenever they need it.



Cigna Medicare Advantage Additional benefits



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Comprehensive Health Benefits

In line with their dedication to serving their members better, Medicare Advantage providers have notably enhanced their services in 2024. These enhancements include:

  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Hearing coverage
  • Improved coverage for mental healthcare

Some plans may also offer additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare, such as certain vision, hearing, and dental services.


To further streamline the member experience, Medicare Advantage providers have implemented digital improvements, such as:

  • Providing digital health education to enrollees to enhance access to telehealth services and augment digital health literacy
  • Introducing online hubs, furnishing a more straightforward member experience with augmented benefits and easier access to information about Medicare Advantage plans
  • Allowing beneficiaries to compare and select from a broader array of plans offered by various firms
  • Offering virtual visits, reduced cost-sharing, and additional supplemental benefits, such as dental, vision, and hearing exams


These digital improvements aim to enhance the overall experience and accessibility of Medicare Advantage plans.

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Comprehensive Health Benefits

The comprehensive health benefits of Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans include:

  • Dental services
  • Vision services
  • Hearing services
  • Wellness incentives
  • Fitness benefits


These benefits ensure that members receive well-rounded care, addressing not only their primary medical needs but also their oral, visual, auditory, and overall well-being.

Cigna Dental and vision benefits
Aetna vision and dental

Cigna Dental, Vision, and Hearing Services

Cigna’s dental coverage in its 2024 Medicare Advantage plans includes routine preventive and comprehensive dental services provided by a licensed dentist, ensuring your oral health is well taken care of.

However, it does not cover cosmetic dental services. In addition, Cigna’s plans provide vision services to cater to your eye care needs.

Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans also incorporate vital hearing coverage.

These plans provide enhanced hearing coverage, including Medicare-covered hearing exams and diagnostic hearing and balance evaluations. Keep in mind that residing in the plan’s service area is a prerequisite for enrollment in Cigna Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage plans.

medicare advantage plan areas

Wellness Incentives

Wellness incentives are instrumental in inspiring members to uphold a healthy lifestyle and partake in preventive care.

Cigna will provide up to $325 in annual wellness incentives for eligible individuals.

Activities such as completing a yearly health check, engaging in wellness initiatives, and participating in volunteerism activities may be eligible for wellness incentives in Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans.

The distribution of wellness incentives in Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans varies by plan but may include a card with rewards for volunteerism, dollars for over-the-counter health-related items, and other wellness incentives. These incentives reward members for taking a proactive approach to their health and well-being.

Aetna Fitness program

Cigna Fitness Benefits

Promoting physical activity and overall well-being, fitness benefits constitute a vital part of Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans. Cigna’s plans include the Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Exercise program, which provides access to a fitness center membership.

This fitness benefit not only helps members stay physically active but also contributes to their overall health and well-being.

Access to online classes or virtual fitness resources is also included, ensuring members have a variety of options to maintain their fitness levels.

Cigna prescription drug plans

Cigna Prescription Drug Coverage and Savings

Standalone prescription drug plans and preferred home delivery options are avenues through which Cigna provides prescription drug coverage and savings. These options provide:

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Access to the medications members need
  • Cost savings


Standalone Prescription Drug Plans

Cigna offers 3 independent prescription drug plans. Certain medications, acquired through preferred home delivery, are available at no charge.

These plans cater to varying medication needs, offering different levels of drug coverage and pharmacy networks. Cigna offers $0 copays for Tier 1 drugs with every plan, ensuring affordability without compromising on coverage.

To enroll in a separate Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan offered by Cigna, you can do so when you turn 65 or during the Open Enrollment period.

With various plan options to choose from, you can find the prescription drug coverage that best suits your needs.


Preferred Home Delivery

Preferred home delivery options provide convenience and potential cost savings for members.

Cigna’s preferred home delivery enables members to transition their prescriptions online via their myCigna account or request that their healthcare provider send their prescriptions directly to the home delivery pharmacy.

Express Scripts operates the home delivery pharmacy, providing convenient delivery of medications to the member’s home.

Utilizing Cigna’s preferred home delivery service can potentially provide members with copay savings and up to a 90-day supply of medications delivered with standard shipping at no additional cost.

The actual cost savings will differ based on the drug and the member’s plan terms. To determine which drugs are eligible for Cigna’s preferred home delivery, you can utilize the Prescription Drug List Search Tool on the Cigna website.


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Support Programs and Additional Services

Medicare Advantage members enjoy an enhanced healthcare experience due to Cigna’s support programs and additional services. These services include behavioral health support, meal and nutrition benefits, and care coordination and advocacy.

Cigna’s holistic approach to healthcare equips members with the personalized assistance and resources required to navigate their healthcare journey.


Behavioral Health Support

medicare mental healthCigna offers behavioral health support through virtual care options and access to mental health professionals. Their virtual behavioral health care system facilitates online doctor visits and counseling sessions with board-certified medical providers and licensed virtual therapists, either over the phone or by video.

This convenient access to mental healthcare professionals enables members to address their mental health needs without having to travel to an in-person appointment.

In addition to virtual care, Cigna’s behavioral health program offers access to a range of mental health professionals, such as:

  • psychologists
  • family therapists
  • social workers
  • nurse practitioners
  • clinicians

By providing comprehensive mental health support, Cigna helps its members achieve overall well-being.


Meal and Nutrition Benefits

medicare advantage meal benefitMeal and nutrition benefits, such as home-delivered meals, help members maintain a balanced diet. Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plan includes meal benefits, such as home delivery of meals post-hospitalization. These home-delivered meals ensure that members receive the nutrition they need while recovering from a hospital stay.

In addition to home-delivered meals, Cigna offers the Healthy Foods Card, a monthly allowance for purchasing healthy foods.

This allowance promotes healthy eating habits and contributes to the overall well-being of members.


Care Coordination and Advocacy

elderly careThe crucial role of care coordination and advocacy services is to guarantee members receive personalized assistance in navigating their healthcare journey.

Cigna’s care coordination process for Medicare Advantage members offers personalized services, such as:

  • Care management
  • Coordinating access to care
  • Exploring service and funding source alternatives
  • Monitoring progress toward established goals


These services offer Medicare Advantage HMO and assist Medicare Advantage members, including those enrolled in Medicare Advantage HMO plans, in obtaining the care they need.

Cigna’s advocacy services provide patient advocates to support Medicare Advantage members in navigating the healthcare system, collaborating with medical professionals, and working with insurance companies.

These advocates enable members to take a proactive role in their healthcare and promote their overall well-being.

Comparing Cigna to Other Insurance Companies

There are several different insurance companies offering Medicare Advantage plans in 2024, each with similarities and differences in coverage, benefits, and additional services.

While each payer offers a range of Medicare Advantage plans with varying benefits, it is essential to consider the specific offerings of each company to determine the best fit for your healthcare needs.

Some popular companies you may also know of include:


In conclusion, Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans provide a comprehensive and competitive range of benefits and services. Some key features of these plans include:

  • Expanded coverage area
  • Diverse plan types
  • $0 copays for primary care visits
  • Comprehensive health benefits


 Medicare Advantage Plan insurance companies in 2024


Cigna, a life insurance company, ensures that members receive personalized care and support essential for maintaining their overall well-being, while also safeguarding Cigna’s intellectual property.



In summary, Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage plans offer an attractive option for those seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage.

With expanded coverage areas, a variety of plan types, and key features such as $0 copays for primary care visits, dental, vision, and hearing services, wellness incentives, and fitness benefits, Cigna’s plans cater to diverse healthcare needs.

By comparing Cigna to other major payers, you can make an informed decision about which plan best suits your unique requirements and preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions


best medicare advantage plans 2024What is the Medicare premium for 2024?

The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees in 2024 will be $174.70, up from $164.90 in 2023.  Additionally, the annual Medicare Part B deductible has risen to $240. 


best medicare advantage plans 2024

What are Cigna Medicare Advantage Supplemental benefits in 2024?

Cigna Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage Supplemental benefits in 2024 include dental, vision, enhanced hearing, fitness, and meal benefits.

All plans feature these benefits with a $0 premium plan being available in every state they serve.


best medicare advantage plans 2024

Is Cigna True Choice an Advantage Plan?

Yes, Cigna True Choice is a Medicare Advantage plan, as it is a comprehensive health insurance plan offered to Medicare-eligible enrollees by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The plan covers all Part A and Part B services, with cost sharing and provider access that differ from Original Medicare.


best medicare advantage plans 2024

What states will Cigna’s Medicare Advantage plans be available in 2024?

Cigna will be offering Medicare Advantage HMO plans in 29 states across the US in 2024.


best medicare advantage plans 2024

Are there any $0 premium plans available in Cigna’s 2024 Medicare Advantage offerings?

Yes, Cigna offers multiple $0 premium plans as part of their Medicare Advantage offerings for 2024.


best medicare advantage plans 2024

How does Cigna’s preferred home delivery service work?

Cigna’s preferred home delivery service allows members to transition their prescriptions online through their myCigna account or have their healthcare provider send them directly to the home delivery pharmacy, operated by Express Scripts.




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