Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans 2024


Are you looking for a Medicare Advantage plan that offers comprehensive coverage and additional benefits beyond Original Medicare? Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) might be the ideal choice for you.

With a variety of Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans 2024 available, BCBS Medicare Advantage plans cater to diverse healthcare needs, offering an array of benefits to promote overall well-being.


Key Takeaways                           

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 offer comprehensive coverage and additional benefits such as vision, hearing health care, mental health services & digital education.
  • Compare costs and eligibility requirements when selecting a plan to ensure it fits individual needs.
  • BCBS plans have been highly rated by experts for their quality of coverage with an aggregate rating of 4.17 out of 5 from CMS.

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Overview of Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans 2024

BCBS offers an extensive range of Medicare Advantage plans that provide Original Medicare benefits with additional health care coverage. These supplementary advantages include:

  • Vision services
  • Hearing health coverage
  • Wellness programs
  • Telehealth services
  • Transportation services
  • Over-the-counter health product coverage
  • Gift card rewards


With a history dating back to the inception of the Medicare program in the 1960s, BCBS has a long-standing commitment to providing comprehensive Medicare coverage to its customers.

In 2024, there are 3,959 Medicare Advantage plans available for individual enrollment. It is estimated that 51% of the eligible Medicare population, or nearly 31 million Medicare beneficiaries, are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. This is more than half of those eligible for Medicare.

With 89% of these plans offering prescription drug coverage, BCBS Medicare Advantage plans focus on providing better coverage than Original Medicare while also including additional benefits like dental coverage and vision services.

However, be aware that some trade-offs may be associated with Medicare Advantage plans. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, for instance, may implement more restrictive provider networks and the utilization of cost management tools such as prior authorization.

Nonetheless, BCBS offerings are viable options for those seeking comprehensive Medicare coverage, as they are subject to annual Medicare contracts and must abide by the coverage rules set forth by Medicare.


Enhanced Benefits in 2024Enhanced Benefits in 2024

2024 brings anticipated enhancements in mental health care, support for cultural diversity, and digital health education for Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plans must ensure access to quality behavioral healthcare in 2024.

This entails a network of clinicians, such as clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and inpatient psychiatric facilities. These improvements aim to assist members in preventing postponements and rejections of coverage in certain healthcare circumstances.

Another significant adjustment to Medicare Advantage regulations in 2024 concerns cultural and language diversity, promoting enhanced support for members from diverse backgrounds.

Digital health education provided by Medicare Advantage plans will facilitate members’ access to telehealth services, further improving the overall healthcare experience.

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Comparing Costs and Coverage

When selecting a Medicare Advantage plan, it’s necessary to compare costs and coverage, as many plans offer reduced premiums and limited out-of-pocket expenses.

Expenses involved with Medicare Advantage plans include premiums, deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket costs. On average, Medicare pays Medicare Advantage 106% of traditional Medicare costs.

BCBS shares costs with the customer, ensuring that you receive the best possible coverage for your healthcare needs. This cost-sharing arrangement enables BCBS Medicare Advantage plans to provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Remember, it’s important to scrutinize the details of each plan for understanding the extent of coverage and associated costs. By doing so, you can make an informed decision and choose the plan that best fits your needs.


Eligibility and Enrollment Process

To enroll in a BCBS Medicare Advantage Plan, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B during your initial enrollment period. For assistance with enrollment, you can reach out to your local Blue Cross Blue Shield company.

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is an annual opportunity to evaluate and modify Medicare coverage selections.

During this period, you can make modifications to Medicare coverage options, such as switching to a different Medicare Advantage plan or reverting to Original Medicare with the option to sign up for a Prescription Drug Coverage plan.

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Cigna prescription drug plans

Provider Network and Access to Health Care Professionals

BCBS offers an extensive provider network, having contracted with more than 1.7 million doctors and hospitals across the United States. This vast network ensures that you have access to quality healthcare professionals and services, regardless of your location.

However, bear in mind that certain plans may require referrals for specialist visits and they must adhere to Medicare’s coverage regulations. As BCBS Medicare Advantage plans are subject to annual contracts with Medicare, they must abide by the coverage rules set forth by Medicare.

While most Medicare Advantage plans possess a network of physicians and hospitals through a medicare contract, always review the specific plan details to ensure that your preferred healthcare providers are included in the network, as some companies offer Medicare Advantage plans with different provider networks.


Prescription Drug Coverage Explained

In 2024, most Medicare Advantage plans will include prescription drug coverage, with differing costs and coverage options. Coverage extent and associated costs may differ from plan to plan, so it’s recommended to scrutinize the details of each plan for understanding the drug coverage it provides.

Under BCBS Medicare Advantage plans, the costs associated with prescription drug coverage may encompass a monthly premium, including the Medicare Part B premium, a yearly deductible, and copayments or coinsurance for each prescription. However, the exact costs may differ depending on the plan and the medications being covered.

Out-of-pocket costs associated with prescription drugs in BCBS Medicare Advantage plans may include:

  • Premiums
  • Deductibles
  • Copayments
  • Coinsurance


Additionally, there is an annual out-of-pocket limit, which is the maximum amount an individual would have to pay for covered prescription drugs in a year. Upon reaching this limit, the plan will cover the remaining costs.

For further information on out-of-pocket costs, please refer to the plan’s documentation or contact Blue Cross Blue Shield directly.


Aetna vision and dental
Telehealth Services

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Services

Dental, vision, and hearing services are often included in Medicare Advantage plans, providing additional benefits beyond Original Medicare. BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 offer:

  • Preventive and comprehensive dental care
  • Routine exams and cleanings
  • Dental allowance
  • Vision services


These services are encompassed in these plans.

Hearing services provided by BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 may cover expenses related to hearing aids, such as ear molds, batteries, and other equipment. Furthermore, they may also cover audiological visits for fitting, adjusting, and maintaining covered hearing aids.

In general, the dental, vision, and hearing services of BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 offer more coverage than Original Medicare. However, the exact coverage and benefits may vary depending on the plan, so it’s important to scrutinize the specific plan details to understand the scope of coverage for these services.


Telehealth Services and Fitness Membership

Telehealth services and fitness memberships are increasingly popular benefits in Medicare Advantage plans, promoting overall well-being and convenience for beneficiaries.

Authorized to be included in the standard benefit package of Medicare Advantage plans from 2020, telehealth services can be accessed remotely through technology.

BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans in 2024 are expected to cover a range of telehealth services, including:

  • Virtual doctor visits
  • Mental health counseling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Telemedicine consultations


There are no specific limitations or restrictions for telehealth services in BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans, providing members with flexible and convenient access to healthcare.

Expert Opinions and Ratings

Experts rate BCBS Medicare Advantage plans highly, with an aggregate rating of 4.17 out of 5 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This high rating highlights the focus of BCBS on overall well-being and demonstrates the quality of their Medicare Advantage plans.

Choosing a BCBS Medicare Advantage plan, means selecting a reputable and highly rated provider that places member’s overall well-being as its priority. With a wide range of plans and benefits available in 2024, BCBS ensures that your healthcare needs are met with comprehensive coverage and exceptional service.


In conclusion, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a diverse range of Medicare Advantage plans in 2024, providing comprehensive coverage and additional benefits beyond Original Medicare.

With enhancements in mental health care, cultural diversity support, and digital health education, as well as an extensive provider network and high ratings from experts, BCBS Medicare Advantage plans are an excellent choice for those seeking quality healthcare coverage.



Frequently Asked Questions


→  What are the changes to Medicare Advantage plans in 2024?

In 2024, average monthly premiums for Medicare Advantage plans (including prescription drug plans) will increase from $17.86 to $18.50, but two thirds of all MA-PDs will not charge a premium. In addition, better coverage for mental healthcare will be available with these plans.


→  Is Medicare premiums going down in 2024?

Medicare Part B premiums will increase by $9.80 or almost 6 percent per month in 2024, rising from $164.90 to $174.70. Retirees will therefore pay more for their Medicare Part B premiums in 2024.


→  What is the deductible for Medicare Part B in 2024?

The Part B annual deductible for 2024 is $240.00 for all Medicare beneficiaries.


→  What is the biggest disadvantage of Medicare Advantage?

The biggest disadvantage of Medicare Advantage is that it often has a limited choice of doctors and hospitals, offering fewer options than Original Medicare. Furthermore, you may experience higher out-of-pocket expenses compared to Original Medicare.


→  What additional benefits do BCBS Medicare Advantage plans offer beyond Original Medicare?

BCBS Medicare Advantage plans provide a range of additional benefits beyond Original Medicare, such as vision services, hearing health coverage, telehealth services, and transportation services.




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