Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025

Navigating the labyrinth of healthcare plans can be overwhelming. However, comprehending the intricate details of these plans is crucial, especially when it comes to choosing Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota for 2025.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about these plans, from understanding the different types to comparing costs and coverage.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a family caregiver, or someone considering switching plans, this comprehensive guide on Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025 will prove to be an invaluable resource. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage.


Key Takeaways


  • Members can choose from various plan options like HMOs with network restrictions but potential cost savings, PPOs with greater provider flexibility and out-of-network coverage, and PFFS plans offering high flexibility without referral requirements.


  • Humana upholds non-discrimination policies across its Medicare Advantage plans, provides additional services such as Centerwell Health Care, and coordinates with VA benefits for military personnel, integrating healthcare services to meet a diverse range of needs.

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Understanding Humana Medicare Advantage Plans in Minnesota


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025, Understanding Humana Medicare Advantage Plans in Minnesota


Understanding healthcare plans, especially Medicare Advantage plans, can be challenging. Humana, a leading health, and well-being company, offers various Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota, including Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plans.

High-quality healthcare is of utmost importance, and Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans do not disappoint.

With 94% of members enrolled in plans rated 4 stars and above for 2025, and nearly 3.6 million, or 61%, of members in plans rated 4.5 stars and above by CMS, Humana stands as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare landscape.

Next, we discuss prescription drug coverage. Humana Insurance Company has got you covered! The company provides Medicare Advantage plans with Part D prescription drug coverage in Minnesota.

This indicates that the plan includes both health coverage and prescription drug coverage.

Moving into 2025, Humana Insurance Services has revealed its Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan offerings for the year, including the new Humana Plan options.

his means that you can pick a plan that best suits your health needs while also ensuring that it aligns with your budget.

Having explained the basics of Humana Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota, we will now examine the different types of plans available: HMO, PPO, and PFFS.


Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans are a popular choice among Medicare beneficiaries. These plans encompass the full range of benefits provided by Medicare Part A and Part B. They typically include prescription drug coverage (Part D) and often offer supplementary benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

However, there is a caveat. HMO plans require that healthcare services be obtained from doctors and hospitals within the Humana network.

This means that while you may have reduced out-of-pocket expenses, you might have to forgo seeing your preferred out-of-network providers. It’s a trade-off between cost and flexibility, and your choice of a Humana plan depends on your individual needs and priorities.

Despite these limitations, HMO plans remain popular as they offer:

  • An integrated healthcare solution


  • Potential for reduced out-of-pocket expenses compared to Original Medicare


  • Supplementary benefits not provided by Original Medicare


HMO plans are an attractive option for many.


Medicare Advantage PPO Plans

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, on the other hand, offer more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers. As a member of a Humana Medicare Advantage PPO plan, you can select doctors both within and outside the network without requiring a referral.

The PPO plans also offer coverage for out-of-network care. However, there’s a possibility of being billed for the difference between your plan’s payment and the full amount charged by the provider.

While PPO plans generally entail higher monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs in comparison to HMO plans, they provide comprehensive benefits including:

  • Dental, vision, and hearing care


  • Potential savings on prescriptions


  • Reduced telehealth copays for in-network primary care physician consultations conducted over video or phone.


Medicare Advantage PFFS Plans

Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plans offer a higher level of flexibility compared to HMO and PPO plans. With a PFFS plan, you can access any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare and the plan’s payment terms without needing referrals.

Typically, PFFS plans, as a part of the PFFS organization, offer set rate payments to medical providers for services and include prescription drug coverage. They also provide emergency coverage nationwide or internationally.

One might opt for a PFFS plan due to:

  • The flexibility to consult any Medicare-approved provider


  • The absence of the need for referrals


  • More predictable out-of-pocket expenses


  • Occasionally lower monthly premiums in comparison to other plan types.

Comparing Costs and Coverage


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025,Comparing Costs and Coverage


Having explored the different types of Humana Medicare Advantage plans available in Minnesota, we will now compare the costs and coverage. This will allow you to find the best fit for your needs.

Comprehending the differences in provider flexibility between Humana Medicare Advantage HMO PPO plans is important.

While PPO plans offer increased flexibility, permitting visits to any Medicare-approved doctor, whether in-network or out, HMO plans typically mandate the selection of a primary care physician and the need for referrals for specialist care within the network.

When it comes to Humana Medicare Advantage PFFS plans, they include coverage for medical services, prescription drugs, and supplementary benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing.

However, it’s worth noting that the costs, coverage, and benefits of Humana Medicare Advantage plans may differ depending on your location. Hence, comparing the available plans in your area is important to find the option that best fits your needs.

Next, we will examine how the use of preferred pharmacies, variation in benefits by location, and dual eligible special needs can influence the costs and coverage of these plans.


Lower Cost Preferred Pharmacies

Preferred pharmacies with lower costs offer several benefits, including:

  • Decreased prescription costs


  • Extensive network of pharmacies


  • $0 co-pays for Tier 6 drugs


  • An allowance for over-the-counter (OTC) benefits


  • Reduced deductibles


Utilizing preferred pharmacies in Humana Medicare plans has the potential to result in substantial savings on prescription drugs. For instance, in-store copayments for generic prescriptions at preferred pharmacies can begin as low as $2.

Indeed, beneficiaries are allowed to select their preferred pharmacies within the Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.

These chosen preferred cost-share pharmacies enable Medicare members to acquire prescriptions at a more economical rate in comparison to standard in-network pharmacies.


Benefits Vary by Location

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025, Benefits Vary by Location

It’s common knowledge that location can affect the coverage of Humana Medicare Advantage Plans. The plans and specific benefits offered may differ depending on the state and ZIP code of residence.

The variability of Humana Medicare Advantage benefits based on location can be influenced by factors such as:

  • The characteristics and preferences of individuals residing in different geographic areas


  • The percentage of eligible Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans


  • The specific plan experience and regional variation.


For instance, Humana offers distinctive advantages in certain locations in Minnesota. These advantages encompass:

  • Dental, vision, and hearing coverage


  • Potential prescription savings


  • Additional services


  • Coverage regardless of gender identity or expression, transgender status, or marital status.


Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) are designed for individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. These plans are tailored to provide additional benefits and extended coverage for individuals with dual eligibility.

To qualify for D-SNPs, individuals must meet the criteria of being a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident, qualifying for Original Medicare (Parts A & B), and being eligible for Medicaid.

D-SNPs distinguish themselves from regular Medicare and Medicaid coverage through:

  • The integration of Medicare and Medicaid benefits


  • Focusing on the specific needs of dual-eligible individuals


  • State involvement in benefit review


  • The provision of enhanced benefits and services customized for dual eligible members.

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Enrollment and Contract Renewal


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025, Enrollment and Contract Renewal


After learning about the different types of Humana Medicare Advantage plans and comparing their costs and coverage, the next step is to understand the enrollment process and contract renewal requirements.

Enrollment in Humana Medicare Advantage plans is restricted to specific periods of the year, typically aligned with your Medicare Initial Election Period.

This period commences three months prior to your 65th birthday, encompasses the month of your 65th birthday, and extends for three months thereafter.

To be eligible for Humana Medicare Advantage plans, individuals must be 65 years of age or older, have a disability if they are under 65, or have end-stage renal disease.

If you miss the Initial Election Period, you can still enroll during a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) if you meet the criteria for exceptional circumstances.

Regarding the renewal of your Humana Medicare Advantage plan contract, you need to enroll annually during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

However, the costs linked to renewing a Humana Medicare Advantage plan contract may differ based on the plan and the company.


Medicare Contract Requirements

Humana holds a value-based agreement with Allina Health in Minnesota for their Medicare Advantage members, aiming to help members achieve the best possible health outcomes. To adhere to the Medicare contract requirements, Humana follows various federal regulations and undergoes audits to assess its contracts with CMS.

Breaches of Humana’s non-discrimination policies may result in disciplinary measures being taken against employees, such as warnings, suspension, or potentially termination, in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Annual Enrollment Period

The annual enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans spans from October 15th to December 7th. During this period, individuals with a Medicare Advantage plan have the option to modify their health and drug plans, including the ability to switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan or alter prescription drug coverage.

Humana provides a unique enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota, the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which takes place from January 1 to March 31.

However, if you miss the annual enrollment period, you may be automatically reenrolled in your current plan, provided it is still offered in your area.


Contract Renewal Process

When renewing a contract for a Humana Medicare Advantage plan, common issues that may be encountered include:

  • Alterations in plan coverage


  • Adjustments in premiums and costs


  • Modifications in the provider network


  • Changes in the prescription drug


  • Fluctuations in plan ratings


It is advisable to examine the specific plan details and reach out to Humana directly for further information before renewing a Humana Medicare Advantage plan contract.

Nondiscrimination and Inclusive Policies


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025, Nondiscrimination and Inclusivity Policies


Humana abides by relevant Federal civil rights laws and refrains from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex in its Medicare Advantage Plans.

Race, Color, and National Origin

Humana Inc. and its subsidiaries strictly adhere to a policy of non-discrimination and do not engage in exclusion or discrimination based on race, color, or national origin.

To address healthcare disparities among various racial and ethnic groups, Humana has formulated an extensive health equity strategy.

Breaches of Humana’s non-discrimination policies may result in disciplinary measures being taken against employees, such as warnings, suspension, or potentially termination, in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Age, Disability, and Sex

Humana Inc. and its subsidiaries uphold a firm policy of non-discrimination based on age. The company ensures equal benefits and services by upholding a commitment to providing equal opportunities, thereby granting meaningful access to healthcare services irrespective of age.

Humana guarantees that it refrains from any form of discrimination based on disability and provides accessibility services designed to support individuals who may need additional assistance due to their disabilities.

Humana’s gender nondiscrimination policies are designed to prevent the exclusion or discrimination of individuals based on their gender.

These policies are implemented across all of Humana’s services in accordance with the law, aiming to provide fair treatment and healthcare access for all individuals.

Additional Support and Services

Beyond the standard healthcare services, Humana Medicare Advantage plans include additional services such as:

  • Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025, Additional Support and ServicesAllowances for eligible groceries


  • Over-the-counter products


  • Utilities


  • Rent


They also provide coverage for dental, vision, and hearing needs, exceeding the scope of what Original Medicare offers, which may encompass routine care for these areas from other providers.

Humana Medicare Advantage plan members can derive benefits from CenterWell Health Care Services, which offers senior-focused primary care.

This encompasses assistance from a personal care manager, a patient-centered care approach, and primary care amenities such as blood draws. These services are accessible through MyHumana, emphasizing a linkage to community resources.


Free Language Interpreter Services

Humana provides free language interpreter services to its members who need help overcoming language barriers. These services encompass oral interpretation services, including American Sign Language, and are provided at no additional cost to the member.

Non-English-speaking members can access Humana’s complimentary language interpreter services by contacting the Provider Information Line at (877) 778-7226. This service is accessible 24 hours a day.

Humana’s complimentary language interpreter services are available in over 200 languages, ensuring a wide range of non-English speakers can be accommodated.


Centerwell Health Care Services

Centerwell Health Care Services, a primary care medical group, operates under the umbrella of Humana Inc. The organization is dedicated to delivering patient-centered care experiences and provides a variety of payer-agnostic healthcare services, including:

  • Preventive care


  • Chronic disease management


  • Acute care


  • Behavioral health services


  • Care coordination


Centerwell Health Care Services addresses the needs of seniors by providing a wide range of primary care services specifically designed to meet the unique health requirements of this demographic. These services include:

  • Preventive care


  • Management of chronic diseases


  • Medication oversight


  • Collaboration with specialists


All while emphasizing the promotion of healthy aging and putting health at the forefront of the general welfare of seniors.

Centerwell Health Care Services provides a range of in-home services aimed at delivering exceptional care within the comfort and safety of patients’ homes.

The organization works in collaboration with healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive the necessary care in their own environment.


Military Service Personnel Assistance

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans Minnesota 2025, Military Service Personnel Assistance

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans coordinate with VA benefits by offering supplementary benefits tailored to veterans.

These plans allow veterans to access local in-network doctors and pharmacies, beyond the VA system, while also providing additional services like:

  • Dental care


  • Vision care


  • Prescription drug coverage


  • Fitness programs


Veterans are eligible to receive both VA benefits and Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.

When enrolled in a Humana Medicare Advantage Plan, TRICARE for Life benefits remains in effect as the secondary payer for TRICARE-covered services.

To receive assistance from Humana, military service personnel must meet specific eligibility requirements.

These include having a valid military ID card for Active Duty Service Members (ADSM), family members over the age of 14, retirees, and their family members.

Additionally, Medicare-eligible veterans may qualify for additional healthcare services and location options through Humana Honor, and the Humana Honor Medicare Advantage plans are tailored to provide expanded coverage options for veterans that complement VA benefits.

These plans have served Medicare beneficiaries, including veterans, ensuring they receive the best possible healthcare solutions.


This comprehensive guide has provided an in-depth look at Humana Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota, detailing the various types of plans and their features, comparing costs and coverage, and discussing enrollment and contract renewal processes.

We’ve also highlighted Humana’s policies on non-discrimination and inclusivity and explored the additional support and services available to Humana Medicare Advantage plan members.

Choosing the right healthcare plan is a significant decision that impacts your health and financial well-being. With this guide, we hope you’re better equipped to navigate the world of Humana Medicare Advantage plans and find the one that best suits your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  What is new in Humana in 2025?

In 2025, Humana is offering every single USAA Honor plan with a $0 monthly premium, Part B giveback, and additional coverage like dental, vision, and hearing.

All Humana Medicare Advantage plans now include dental, vision, and hearing benefits.


  What is the best Medicare Advantage plan for 2025?

For 2025, the best Medicare Advantage plan is offered by Humana, known for its high-quality ratings, good customer satisfaction, widespread availability, and numerous $0-per-month plans.

Customers indicate a better quality of healthcare compared to AARP/UHC.


→  What is the Humana over-the-counter allowance for 2025?

The Humana over-the-counter allowance for 2025 is a $100 quarterly allowance for purchasing approved health and wellness products through their OTC mail-order provider, with any unused amount expiring at the end of the quarter.


  What are the disadvantages of Humana Medicare Advantage?

Humana Medicare Advantage plans may limit your choice of doctors and medical facilities and could end up being more costly if you have complex medical needs.

It’s important to carefully consider your healthcare needs before enrolling in a plan.


 What are the different types of Humana Medicare Advantage plans available in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, Humana offers Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) Medicare Advantage plans. These plans cater to different healthcare needs and preferences.

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