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Learning about eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans and what they offer is as simple as entering your zip code into this website!

Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan in 2025 to fit your needs as well as all the other options available can be a challenge, but eHealth is available to simplify the process and empower you to make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage.

With comprehensive coverage, additional benefits, and personalized guidance from licensed insurance agents, eHealth makes it easy to find the perfect Medicare Advantage Plan to fit your specific needs. Read on to explore the ins and outs of eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, enrollment periods, costs, and more.


Key Takeaways

  • eHealth provides users with resources and information to understand and enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans. We partner with eHealth to provide you with a simple, online shopping experience that is second to none!


  • Our website, in partnership with eHealth, offers a comprehensive online comparison tool, assistance during the Initial Enrollment Period, access to discounts & subsidies, advice on government program options, and comprehensive services for Open Enrollment period changes.


  • A licensed insurance agent can provide personalized guidance when selecting a plan that meets individual healthcare needs & budget.

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eHealth and Medicare Advantage Plans


eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, eHealth and Medicare Advantage Plans


As a private online health insurance marketplace, eHealth offers a one-stop solution for understanding and enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare Advantage combines the coverage of Original Medicare with additional benefits to cater to individual healthcare needs and preferences.

As a licensed health insurance agency, eHealth provides users with the ability to review plans from top insurance companies online in just minutes.

Knowing the right time to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan is significant. The Medicare initial election period allows you to continue receiving care from your preferred Atrium Health doctors and hospitals.

With eHealth, you’ll have access to a wealth of information and resources to help you make the right choice for your healthcare coverage.


Comprehensive Coverage with Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans encompass the coverage of Original Medicare and often include supplementary benefits similar to those offered by Medicare supplement plans but with additional services and features. These plans may offer extra benefits like:

  • Vision


  • Hearing


  • Dental


  • Prescription drug coverage


  • Fitness programs


  • Over-the-counter items


  • Assistance with utility bills


Medicare Advantage Plans, also referred to as MAPD plans, generally include prescription drug coverage, ensuring comprehensive medical services and prescription drugs are covered.

Bear in mind that individuals with higher incomes may face higher premiums for their prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans provide comprehensive medical coverage and an out-of-pocket limit for services covered under Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. It is important to carefully consider your options when choosing from the Medicare Advantage plans selected for you.


Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans on eHealth

eHealth’s comparison tool for Medicare Advantage Plans allows users to:

  • Review the details of different plan options, including coverage, benefits, and costs associated with each plan


  • Assess multiple plans side by side


  • Make a knowledgeable choice about their Medicare Advantage coverage


Evaluating Medicare Advantage plans on eHealth offers numerous advantages, including access to a broad selection of plans from different insurance providers. The platform also offers tools and resources to aid you in making an educated decision, such as customer reviews and ratings.

Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans on eHealth helps you choose the most suitable plan for your healthcare needs and budget.

Initial Enrollment Period and Medicare Advantage


eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, Initial Enrollment Period and Medicare Advantage


The Initial Enrollment Period is a significant time for enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans. It is recommended to enroll in Medicare prior to your 65th birthday to avoid potential penalties.

If you miss your initial enrollment window, you may need to wait for a specified special or annual election period to register.

eHealth can help guide you through this process and ensure you understand your enrollment options.


Timing Your Enrollment

The Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage plans is a 7-month period when an individual is first eligible for Medicare. Enrolling in Medicare Advantage during your initial enrollment period is necessary to avoid outcomes like late enrollment penalties, increased Part D premiums, and coverage delays.

Staying alert and knowledgeable about your enrollment timing can help you have a seamless experience with your Medicare Advantage Plan.


Late Enrollment Penalties

Missing the Initial Enrollment Period can result in monetary penalties and limited access to certain types of Medicare coverage. The penalties for delayed enrollment include a 20% late enrollment penalty for Part B if you waited two full years to register and did not qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

There is also a penalty for Part D/prescription drug coverage, which is calculated as one percent of the average Part D premium multiplied by the number of months you are late enrolling.

eHealth offers information about Medicare enrollment deadlines and penalties, aiding you in understanding and circumventing late enrollment penalties.

With resources and tools to assist you in determining your eligibility and finding the appropriate Medicare plan, eHealth ensures you enroll in Medicare on time and avoid any gaps in coverage that could result in penalties.

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The Importance of Working with a Licensed Insurance Agent

eHealth Medicare Advantage PlansCollaborating with a licensed insurance agent for Medicare Advantage planning provides benefits such as:

  • Professional advice


  • Tailored recommendations


  • Access to a variety of plans


  • Enrollment help


  • Continuous support


Collaborating with a licensed insurance agent through eHealth ensures that you receive personalized guidance and assistance in navigating your Medicare Advantage plan options.


Personalized Guidance

Licensed insurance agents can provide expert counsel and advice, helping you understand the options that best suit your requirements. They can assess your specific healthcare needs and suggest Medicare Advantage plans that provide the coverage you require, ensuring that you select a plan that meets your healthcare needs and budget.

Working with a licensed insurance agent gives you the confidence that you’re making the optimal choice for your Medicare Advantage Plan.


Navigating Plan Options

The licensed insurance agents at eHealth play a key role in navigating through Medicare Advantage plan options. They assist individuals in:

  • Appraising the advantages and drawbacks of various Medicare Advantage plans


  • Comparing plans accessible in a particular area


  • Furnishing information to aid individuals in making knowledgeable decisions concerning their Medicare coverage.


Working with a licensed insurance agent helps guarantee the selection of a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Understanding Costs Associated with Medicare Advantage Plans


eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, Understanding Costs Associated with Medicare Advantage Plans


eHealth helps users understand the components of the cost associated with Medicare Advantage Plans, including:

  • premiums


  • cost-sharing


  • out-of-pocket limits


  • supplemental benefits


By providing information on premiums, deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, eHealth conducts research on average premiums and plan selection trends among Medicare beneficiaries, as detailed in the Medicare Index Report.


Comparing Part D Premiums

Medicare Part D premiums play a significant role in the total cost of a Medicare Advantage Plan. These premiums are calculated based on factors such as the base beneficiary premium, the difference between the bid amount and the regional benchmark, as well as income limits set by CMS.

eHealth simplifies the process of contrasting Part D premiums by providing a platform where individuals can easily compare various Medicare Advantage plans and their associated costs, including Part D premiums.


Saving Money with eHealth

eHealth aids users in saving money on Medicare Advantage Plans by comparing plans, pinpointing cost-effective options, providing access to discounts and subsidies through a government program, and offering professional advice on other government program options related to Medicare Advantage.

The platform allows users to compare the costs of different Medicare Advantage Plans, including:

  • Premiums


  • Deductibles


  • Co-payments


  • Coinsurance


This helps them to find the most cost-effective coverage possible.

Open Enrollment and Medicare Advantage Plan Changes


eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, Open Enrollment and Medicare Advantage Plan Changes


Open Enrollment is an annual opportunity for eligible individuals to review their health insurance options and make necessary changes. This period runs from October 15th to December 7th each year, allowing you to update your Medicare Advantage Plan to ensure it continues to meet your needs.


When to Review Your Plan

Reviewing your Medicare Advantage Plan during the Fall Annual Enrollment period is highly recommended as plans often change from one year to the next.

These variations could impact your coverage and costs, so by reviewing your plan during Open Enrollment, you can ensure that you have the most suitable coverage for your needs.

eHealth keeps users updated by providing access to the Medicare Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), which lists any changes in plan coverage, service area, or costs that will take effect.


Making Changes with eHealth

eHealth simplifies the process of making changes to your Medicare Advantage Plan during Open Enrollment. The platform offers:

  • Increased coverage


  • Plan selection assistance


  • Enrollment support


  • Research and information to help you make the best decision for your healthcare needs.


With eHealth’s assistance, you can seamlessly transition between Medicare plans and ensure that you have the best coverage possible.


In conclusion, eHealth simplifies the process of understanding, enrolling, and managing Medicare Advantage Plans. With comprehensive coverage, personalized guidance from licensed insurance agents, and tools to compare costs and benefits, eHealth empowers you to make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find the perfect Medicare Advantage Plan for your needs – explore your options with eHealth today.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  What is eHealth, and how does it offer Medicare Advantage Plans?

eHealth is an online health insurance marketplace that connects individuals with various insurance plans, including Medicare Advantage Plans. It allows users to compare and enroll in plans that suit their healthcare needs


→  What benefits do eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans provide?

eHealth offers a range of Medicare Advantage Plans that typically include hospital and medical coverage, prescription drug coverage, and additional benefits like dental, vision, and wellness programs.


→  How can I enroll in an eHealth Medicare Advantage Plan?

You can easily enroll in an eHealth Medicare Advantage Plan by entering your zip code above on this page. This will connect you directly to their online platform where you can compare available plans in your area and choose the one that best fits your requirements.


→  What makes eHealth different from other platforms offering Medicare Advantage Plans?

eHealth sands out for its user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to easily compare plans, view costs, and access helpful information to make informed decisions about their Medicare coverage.


→  Are there any additional tools or resources on the eHealth platform to assist with plan selection?

Yes, eHealth provides tools such as plan comparison charts, educational resources, and customer reviews to help individuals make informed choices when selecting a Medicare Advantage Plan.


→  Can I get assistance from eHealth representatives when choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Absolutely, eHealth has licensed insurance agents who can assist you over the phone or through online chat, helping you navigate the options and find a Medicare Advantage Plan that suits your needs.


→  How frequently does eHealth update its information on Medicare Advantage Plans?

eHealth regularly updates its information to reflect changes in plan offerings, costs, and coverage details. It’s crucial to check for the latest updates when exploring Medicare Advantage Plans.


→  Does eHealth offer Medicare Advantage Plans from multiple insurance providers?

Yes, eHealth collaborates with various insurance providers, offering a diverse range of Medicare Advantage Plans. This allows users to compare different options and choose the plan that aligns with their preferences.


→  Are eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans available nationwide?

Coverage availability can vary by location and insurance provider. It’s recommended to check with Health or a licensed insurance agent to see if Medicare Advantage Plans are offered in your area.


→  Can I review customer feedback and ratings for eHealth Medicare Advantage Plans?

Yes, eHealth typically provides customer reviews and ratings for the Medicare Advantage Plans it offers. This feedback can be valuable in understanding the experiences of others and making an informed decision.

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