Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025

Trying to find the right Medicare Advantage plans in Phoenix? Our guide outlines essential information on leading plans, their costs, and enrollment steps. We’ll help you compare benefits and navigate provider networks, making your decision clear and manageable.


Key Takeaways



  • Enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plans requires consideration of network providers, with in-network services typically costing less and affording access to quality ratings and various enrollment periods offering opportunities for plan changes.

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Phoenix’s Premier Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025


Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025, Phoenix's Premier Medicare Advantage Plans for 2024


The thriving city of Phoenix is home to some of the nation’s top-rated Medicare Advantage Plans, setting the benchmark for quality healthcare coverage in 2025.

Boasting impressive 4.5-star ratings by CMS plans like HumanaChoice H5216-265, Cigna Alliance Medicare, and Aetna Medicare Freedom PPO stand out for their exceptional benefits and customer satisfaction.

The HumanaChoice plan is particularly noteworthy for its generous maximum out-of-pocket limit of $4,700, ensuring that beneficiaries are safeguarded from unexpected medical expenses. These Medicare advantage companies continue to excel in providing comprehensive advantage plans to their customers.

Cigna Alliance Medicare has been lauded as the best plan by MoneyGeek, offering comprehensive Part D drug coverage, a high CMS star rating, and additional perks such as vision, dental, hearing fitness, and worldwide emergency services.

Not to be outdone, the Aetna Medicare Freedom PPO plan showcases its prowess with robust drug coverage and six core benefits that encompass high star ratings.

Military retirees with TRICARE For Life are not left behind, with the AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot No Rx plan providing network access without a monthly premium while maintaining TRICARE For Life’s prescription benefits.

Those without a need for prescription drug coverage can turn to the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO plan, a prominent choice in the market.


A Snapshot of Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits

Arizona Medicare Advantage plans in Phoenix offer a suite of extra benefits that traditional Medicare does not cover, including:

  • Over-the-counter products


  • Wellness services


  • Transportation assistance


  • Telemedicine services


For comprehensive and routine dental, vision, and hearing coverage, Medicare Advantage plans are the way to go, as these are not provided by original Medicare.

The abundance of Arizona Medicare Advantage plans with extra benefits ensures that nearly all Medicare beneficiaries in Phoenix can select a plan that caters to their healthcare needs and lifestyle.


Understanding Plan Types: HMOs, PPOs, and SNPs

Phoenix residents have the freedom to choose from a variety of Medicare Advantage plan types, including health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Special Needs Plans (SNPs), each designed to cater to different healthcare needs and preferences.

HMO plans are a popular health plan option, are known for their low or $0 monthly premiums, and require members to use in-network providers, offering coverage for out-of-network care only in emergencies.

On the other hand, PPO plans provide the flexibility to see out-of-network providers at an additional cost, giving beneficiaries more choice in their healthcare journey.

SNPs are tailored for specific groups with particular healthcare needs, such as those with chronic conditions or those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, many of which serve the latter group in Phoenix.


Enrollment Figures and Premium Insights

In Phoenix, Medicare Advantage plans are more than just a healthcare option; they are a popular choice, with 50.43% of Medicare beneficiaries taking advantage of these plans’ benefits. The average monthly premium for Medicare Advantage plans in Phoenix sits at $49.49, which is a small price to pay for the extensive coverage provided.

However, the expected average monthly premium, including those enrolled in no-premium plans, dips to approximately $18.50, illustrating the affordability of Medicare Advantage in the region.


Navigating Prescription Drug Coverage with Phoenix Medicare Advantage Plans


Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025, Navigating Prescription Drug Coverage with Phoenix Medicare Advantage Plans


For those in Phoenix, most Medicare Advantage plans come with the added benefit of integrated Part D prescription drug coverage, ensuring beneficiaries have a wide range of medication options at their fingertips.

This is a critical aspect since all Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona, including those in Phoenix, provide the same core coverage as Original Medicare, frequently augmented with prescription drug coverage.

It is vital for individuals to understand the prescription drug coverage offered by their chosen Medicare Advantage Plan to ensure their medications are covered.


Comparing Drug Formularies

When it comes to prescription drugs, each Medicare Advantage Plan insurer has its own set of rules that influence the drug formulary, which affects how enrollees receive and pay for prescription drug benefits.

It’s important for beneficiaries to ensure that their medications are included in a plan’s formulary and to be aware of any rules like prior authorization or step therapy that might affect access.

The placement of medications within the formulary’s distinct tiers is a crucial determinant of the out-of-pocket expense’s beneficiaries might incur. As such, beneficiaries are encouraged to ask about tier placement for their prescriptions and the coverage rules that apply to them.


The Pharmacy Network Factor

A critical factor that is often overlooked is the choice of pharmacy within a Medicare Advantage plan’s network, which can significantly influence the cost and convenience of accessing medications.

Cost-Saving Strategies with Medicare Advantage in Phoenix


Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025, Cost-Saving Strategies with Medicare Advantage in Phoenix


Cost-saving is a major factor when considering a Medicare Advantage plan in Phoenix. Beneficiaries have access to:

  • $0-premium plans that provide cost-effective healthcare coverage options


  • Plans with an out-of-pocket maximum which can protect residents from excessive medical bills


  • Preferred pharmacy networks can enhance cost savings and quality of care.


Innovative benefits for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in Phoenix include:

  • Wellness and health planning


  • Vision coverage


  • Dental coverage


  • In-network care options


These benefits contribute to overall cost savings.


Analyzing Out-of-Pocket Costs

Out-of-pocket costs are a key consideration when assessing Medicare Advantage plans in Phoenix. Beneficiaries should evaluate the following factors to determine a plan’s affordability:

  • Premiums


  • Deductibles


  • Copays


  • Coinsurance


The average out-of-pocket maximum for Medicare Advantage plans in Phoenix is $4,362 per year, which provides a clear cap on annual healthcare spending for plan members. Especially for those expecting to use medical care frequently, selecting plans with lower out-of-pocket maximums can help contain medical costs and aid in budgeting.

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System offers assistance to Phoenix residents who qualify for help with Medicare costs like Part A and B premiums, copays, deductibles, and hospital insurance.


Finding Low-Cost Plan Availability

There are 50 low-cost Medicare Advantage plans available in Phoenix, providing a variety of options that vary by ZIP code and insurance provider.

With 16 private health insurance providers offering Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona, Phoenix residents have a significant variety of low-cost plans at their disposal.

It’s recommended that beneficiaries investigate these options thoroughly and compare Medicare Advantage plans to select the best Medicare Advantage plan for their personal healthcare needs, focusing on low-cost options and considering the best Medicare Advantage plans available, including those offering Medicaid services.


Your Healthcare Providers and Medicare Advantage Compatibility


Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025, Your Healthcare Providers and Medicare Advantage Compatibility


Selecting a Medicare Advantage plan in Phoenix requires careful consideration of whether your preferred healthcare providers and hospitals are included in the plan’s network.

Utilizing out-of-network providers might result in higher out-of-pocket costs or a complete lack of coverage, emphasizing the importance of confirming network compatibility in advance.

Directly checking with your healthcare providers or consulting with the Medicare Advantage Plan’s available resources are reliable ways to determine if your doctors are included in a plan’s network.


In-Network Providers and You

The importance of verifying that your preferred medical providers are part of a Medicare Advantage plan’s network cannot be overstated. This decision can significantly impact your out-of-pocket costs and the standard of care received.

Furthermore, using out-of-network providers may limit access to providers with verified quality ratings, potentially affecting the quality of patient care.

It’s also worth noting that patient care star ratings, which are less likely to be available for out-of-network providers, could influence healthcare outcomes.


The Impact of Going Out-of-Network

Going out-of-network with a Medicare Advantage plan can lead to:

  • Higher copayments and deductibles, resulting in unexpected additional healthcare costs


  • Risk of benefits being denied if the care is not considered medically necessary


  • Being locked into high expenses from out-of-network services until the next annual enrollment period


Patients seeking care from out-of-network providers should be aware of these potential consequences.

Additionally, Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans offer flexibility to use any Medicare-approved healthcare provider that accepts the plan’s payment terms, although costs may still be higher than in-network services.

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How to Sign Up for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Phoenix


Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025, How to Sign Up for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Phoenix


Signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan should be timed well to avoid penalties and ensure coverage. During the Initial Enrollment Period, someone new to Medicare can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, which is the best time to do so.

This period typically spans seven months, beginning three months before the individual turns 65. Individuals enrolling for the first time or looking to make changes to their plan should keep important dates in mind, such as the Annual Election Period.

Forbes Health offers a downloadable checklist that simplifies the Medicare Advantage enrollment process for Phoenix residents, ensuring they don’t miss out on crucial enrollment windows.


Enrollment Periods Demystified

Understanding the various enrollment periods, including Initial, Annual Election, and Special Enrollment Periods, is essential for making timely Medicare Advantage plan changes.

The Initial Enrollment Period spans seven months, beginning three months before turning 65, including the birthday month, and extending three months after.

During the Annual Election Period, from October 15 to December 7, individuals can change from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan, switch between Medicare Advantage Plans, or adjust their plan’s coverage.

Special Enrollment Periods are granted following specific life events, like moving outside a service area, or during extraordinary circumstances, such as the special period added due to COVID-19 health risks.

After joining a plan, participants have options such as the Open Enrollment Period for switching plans or returning to Original Medicare.


Eligibility Requirements for Enrollment

To be eligible for Medicare Advantage in Phoenix, enrollees must:

  • Have both Medicare Part A and Part B coverage


  • Seniors typically become eligible for Medicare Advantage at the age of 65, while those with a qualifying disability may be eligible regardless of age.


  • Individuals with disabilities are eligible for Medicare Advantage after receiving at least 24 payments from Social Security Disability Insurance or the Railroad Retirement Board.


Enrollment in a Medigap policy would make an individual ineligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Phoenix.

Connect with Licensed Insurance Agents in Phoenix

For personalized assistance and consultations on Medicare Advantage plan options, connecting with local licensed insurance agents in Phoenix is highly beneficial. Residents can contact them at 1-833-641-4938.

Special Considerations for Veterans and Medicare Advantage


Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025


Veterans can coordinate their VA benefits with Medicare Advantage plans to maximize healthcare coverage and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Veterans with VA benefits can use Medicare Advantage plans alongside their VA healthcare benefits to ensure comprehensive coverage, covering care received at VA medical centers and pre-authorized services at non-VA facilities.

While the VA doesn’t typically bill Medicare, it may bill Medicare supplemental health insurance for services that are covered under these plans.


Coordinating with VA Benefits

Veterans who are enrolled in both VA benefits and Medicare Advantage plans may experience reduced VA copayments, as payments made by private insurance for non-service-connected care at the VA can help cover these costs.

Additionally, these insurance payments can count toward the veteran’s annual deductible, potentially lowering their out-of-pocket expenses for the year.


Expert Advice for Veterans

Veterans should be well-informed about how to coordinate their Medicare Advantage plans with VA benefits to maximize healthcare coverage and minimize costs.

It’s crucial to actively decide whether to use VA benefits at VA facilities or Medicare for services at non-VA or VA-authorized care facilities each time healthcare services are received.

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) may be used by veterans to reimburse the VA for treatments related to non-service-connected conditions, which can assist in managing VA copayment expenses.

Additional Resources and Tools for Phoenix Residents

Medicare Advantage Plans Phoenix 2025

Phoenix residents are fortunate to have access to an array of local resources and organizations designed to assist with understanding the nuances of Medicare Advantage plans, making the enrollment periods and plan selection process less daunting.


Plan Comparison Tools

The Medicare Plan Finder on is an invaluable resource for comparing Medicare Advantage plans in Phoenix.

This tool allows individuals to:

  • Input their specific needs, including prescriptions


  • Display plans that match these criteria


  • View CMS ratings for Medicare Advantage plans within the Phoenix area by entering their ZIP code


This helps beneficiaries assess plan quality and make an informed choice.

Additionally, using the official Medicare provider search tool, beneficiaries can find Medicare-approved providers in Phoenix and review patient survey scores for quality care within their Medicare Advantage plan’s network.


Educational Materials

The Forbes Health downloadable checklist is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed considerations for comparing Medicare Advantage plans, aiding in the informed decision-making process for Phoenix residents.


As we bring our exploration of Medicare Advantage Plans in Phoenix to a close, it’s clear that residents are presented with an impressive range of options to suit their healthcare needs and financial considerations.

From the high-quality plans offering additional benefits and prescription drug coverage to the strategies for cost-saving and ensuring provider compatibility, the key is to find a plan that aligns with your individual needs and preferences.

Remember to be mindful of enrollment periods, take advantage of resources and tools available, and seek expert advice when necessary to navigate the Medicare Advantage landscape confidently.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  What are 3 types of Medicare Advantage plans?

The 3 types of Medicare Advantage plans are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan, and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plan.


  How much does Medicare Advantage cost in Arizona?

In Arizona, the average monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage plan is around $12. There are also $0 premium options available for enrolled individuals.


  What are the pitfalls of a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage Plans can have restrictive networks, leading to higher costs or no coverage if you see an out-of-network doctor, especially when traveling. This can limit access to care and increase out-of-pocket expenses.


→  What is the most highly rated Medicare Advantage Plan?

The most highly rated Medicare Advantage Plan is AARP/UnitedHealthcare, which features high star ratings, a sizable provider network, and a wide range of options. UnitedHealthcare is the largest provider of Medicare Advantage plans.


 When is the best time to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan in Phoenix?

The best time to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan in Phoenix is during your Initial Enrollment Period, which includes the three months before turning 65, the birthday month, and the three months after.

You can also enroll or make changes during the Annual Election Period from October 15 to December 7.

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