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Looking for Aetna Medicare HMO providers? Our straightforward guide helps you find in-network doctors and facilities, clarifies in-network versus out-of-network coverage, and demystifies referrals and authorizations.

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Key Takeaways


  • Members of Aetna Medicare HMO plans usually require a referral from their primary care provider for specialist services, and the directory is updated regularly, excluding Sundays, to provide current healthcare provider information.


  • Aetna Medicare HMO offers coverage for urgent and emergency care everywhere, including out of the service area or abroad, and provides flexibility through its HMO Open Access plans which don’t mandate PCP selection or referrals.

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Discovering Aetna Medicare HMO Network Providers


Aetna Medicare HMO Providers, Discovering Aetna Medicare HMO Network Providers


Aetna Medicare offers a detailed directory tool, allowing members to find providers and pharmacies within their vicinity. This directory is designed to initiate a personalized search for in-network healthcare services close to you.

The directory encompasses a comprehensive array of network providers, ensuring that members have access to the complete spectrum of healthcare services they may require as part of their health plan.

The use of the provider directory, including printed directories, is authorized for the personal, noncommercial purposes of current and prospective Aetna members, as well as providers, ensuring privacy practices are upheld.

The directory offers a wide range of healthcare services, from general medicine to specialist treatments, making it a useful tool for members to navigate their health plan.


Understanding Your Aetna Medicare HMO Plan Benefits


Aetna Medicare HMO Providers, Understanding Your Aetna Medicare HMO Plan Benefits


Within Aetna Medicare HMO plans, in-network providers are healthcare professionals who have consented to deliver services at a mutually agreed rate with Aetna. This agreement can lead to reduced cost share for the member, offering financial advantages and facilitating coordinated care.

However, it’s essential to be aware that certain Aetna Medicare HMO plans do not provide coverage for out-of-network services, except in emergencies.

Typically, out-of-network care is not included, underlining the importance of utilizing in-network providers to maximize the benefits of your HMO plan. Always carry your member ID card to access these benefits.


In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Coverage

In Aetna Medicare HMO plans, in-network coverage refers to receiving care from physicians affiliated with the Aetna network. Conversely, out-of-network coverage involves receiving care from physicians who are not affiliated with Aetna.

Out-of-network physicians may bill you for amounts that exceed what Aetna recognizes or permits, a practice known as ‘balance billing’.

Using out-of-network services with an Aetna Medicare HMO plan may result in:

  • a higher deductible for out-of-network care


  • increased out-of-pocket costs


  • non-coverage of charges by the Aetna Medicare plan, with Medicare also not being accountable for these expenses


Keep in mind that in-network providers present reduced out-of-pocket expenses for services, whereas using out-of-network providers can lead to increased costs.


Referral Requirements for Specialist Services

Referrals for specialist services in Aetna Medicare HMO plans are obtained through the primary care provider (PCP) as a requirement. This process involves your PCP issuing referrals to participating specialists and facilities for specific services.

Your PCP may need to get prior authorization from Aetna Medicare for specific services. This might be a required step to access your care.

In Aetna Medicare HMO plans:

  • A referral from the primary care provider is typically required for covered, non-emergency specialty or hospital care.


  • However, there are specific services, such as yearly screening mammograms, which do not require a referral.


  • Referrals are valid for a period of 90 days from the date they are entered.


  • A decision regarding the referral is typically made within 14 days.

Regular Updates to the Provider Directory


Aetna Medicare HMO Providers, Navigating Emergency and Urgent Care with Aetna Medicare HMO


The provider directory is updated six days a week, excluding Sundays, ensuring the most current information is available to members. Both Aetna Medicare and the providers themselves work together to maintain the accuracy of the directory.

Providers can update their information directly through an online portal provided by Aetna Medicare, which uses Availity as their preferred online platform for efficiency in processing.

This commitment to regular updates ensures that members always have access to the most current information when selecting their healthcare providers, making it easier to find doctors through linked sites.


Navigating Emergency and Urgent Care with Aetna Medicare HMO

Within Aetna Medicare HMO plans, ‘emergency care’ is available in the event of a sudden illness or serious injury, while ‘urgent care’ pertains to facilities for moderate to serious illnesses or injuries that are not life-threatening. Both forms of care are included in coverage, even if the provider is not part of the Prime network.

Aetna Medicare HMO also provides coverage for emergency care while you are abroad, ensuring that necessary medical care is accessible even when you are away from home. Aetna Medicare HMO also covers emergency care costs that occur around the clock, all week, anywhere globally.


Follow-Up Care Coordination

The follow-up care coordination process after an emergency in Aetna Medicare HMO plans involves the PCP coordinating the care, which may include the need for referrals if seeking treatment from out-of-network providers.

The primary care provider’s responsibility is to facilitate your ongoing health by managing illnesses and organizing your care in collaboration with other healthcare providers, particularly following an emergency.

The PCP is advised to initiate the follow-up care process within 2-3 days after an emergency to ensure continuous and coordinated care.

Referral requirements for out-of-network providers in Aetna Medicare HMO plans may differ, but typically, a referral is not obligatory. Nonetheless, for effective care coordination and coverage considerations, it is advisable to verify the details for your plan and ZIP code.

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Special Considerations for California Aetna Medicare Members

Specific considerations apply to California Aetna Medicare members who are part of the Independent Practice Association/Physician-Hospital Organization (IPA/PHO) network.

An IPA/PHO is a collective organization of independent healthcare providers, such as hospitals, primary care physicians, and specialist doctors, working together to deliver healthcare services.

Members of California Aetna Medicare within IPA/PHO systems can access a network of independent providers, including hospitals, primary care doctors, and specialist doctors, who collaborate to deliver healthcare services, and they are supported in obtaining medically necessary healthcare services in a financially efficient manner.

A California Aetna Medicare member has the option to select or modify their PCP from IPA/PHO by accessing the secure member site and making the selection online.

If your Aetna Medicare plan requires a referral, it’s important to secure one prior to receiving any subsequent care, regardless of whether it is delivered within or outside the Aetna network.


The Flexibility of Aetna Medicare HMO Open Access Plans


Aetna Medicare HMO Providers, The Flexibility of Aetna Medicare HMO Open Access Plans


Aetna Medicare HMO Open Access plans provide enhanced flexibility by not mandating the selection of a primary care provider (PCP) or the need for referrals to access network providers.

This non-requirement offers members the freedom to choose healthcare providers that best meet their needs.

The primary distinction between traditional Aetna Medicare HMO plans and HMO Open Access plans lies in the referral and PCP requirements. While traditional plans necessitate a PCP for care coordination and specialist service referrals, Open Access plans promote, but do not mandate, the selection of a PCP, and referrals are not mandatory to access network providers.

However, even with this flexibility, members are encouraged to utilize in-network providers for their typically lower costs.

How to Handle Out-of-Network Provider Bills

If you receive a bill from an out-of-network provider, it’s vital to send it to Aetna Medicare for processing.

Direct payment of these bills should be avoided as Aetna Medicare requires processing these claims to ascertain your covered benefits and the cost-sharing amounts you may owe based on your plan’s benefits.


Prior Authorization Procedures Within Aetna Medicare HMO

In Aetna Medicare HMO plans, prior authorization is a key condition for specific network health care services, such as hospitalization or outpatient surgery. Providers must refer to the Evidence of Coverage to confirm the services that necessitate prior authorization.

Providers can initiate the prior authorization process by submitting a request to Aetna to verify the necessity and appropriateness of the tests, procedures, or prescriptions for the patient.

The standard timeframe for the processing of prior authorization requests is typically within 14 days, and in some cases, a decision may be reached within 72 hours for standard cases.

Service Area Limitations and Travel Advice

Knowing the limitations of the service area is important for members of the Aetna Medicare HMO plan. The specific limitations of the service area can be found in the plan’s Evidence of Coverage (EOC), which specifies covered services, certain services exclusions, and any caps or limits.

Aetna Medicare HMO provides coverage for emergencies and urgently needed care outside the service area. If you are unable to access in-network providers for urgent care while outside the service area, you are permitted to obtain services from the first available provider.

Aetna Medicare HMO also provides a visitor travel program that enables plan members to access covered services at in-network cost-sharing for an additional six months, provided they adhere to selected PCP and referral guidelines.


Contacting Aetna Medicare for Assistance

Aetna Medicare HMO Providers, Contacting Aetna Medicare for Assistance



Aetna Medicare provides several channels to give assistance to its members. For help with plan inquiries or locating a primary care physician, individuals can contact Aetna Medicare toll-free at 1-800-282-5366 (TTY: 711).

Customer service is available every day of the week from 8 AM to 8 PM. This provides flexibility for customers to reach out for assistance.

For online assistance, individuals can visit the official Aetna Medicare website at Here, they can seek assistance with plan inquiries or locate a primary care physician.

If you prefer email communication, you can complete the contact form on the Aetna Medicare website or access your member account to send an email directly.

Maintaining Quality Assurance with Aetna Medicare

Aetna Medicare is committed to upholding quality assurance by formulating policies and procedures in accordance with clinical practice standards.

This commitment to quality is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), an organization that accredits health plans based on their dedication to continuous quality improvement and fulfilling customer expectations.

The accreditation status of Aetna Medicare by NCQA is evaluated based on their combined HEDIS and CAHPS scores. A comprehensive listing of health plans and their NCQA status can be located at under the ‘Report Cards’ tab, where individuals can conduct a search for ‘Health Plans.’

You can find the official NCQA directory of recognized clinicians at This directory provides a comprehensive list of clinicians who have been recognized by NCQA.


Navigating your Aetna Medicare HMO plan doesn’t have to be complex. With an understanding of the provider directory, the benefits of in-network coverage, the importance of prior authorizations, and the flexibility of open access plans, you can maximize your benefits and manage your healthcare efficiently.

Remember, assistance is always available, whether you’re dealing with out-of-network provider bills or seeking help in finding a primary care physician. Ultimately, your health is your wealth, and making the most of your Aetna Medicare HMO plan is an investment in your well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions


→  What is the difference between Aetna Medicare and Aetna Medicare Advantage?

The main difference between Aetna Medicare and Aetna Medicare Advantage is that Aetna Medicare Advantage is a Medicare Part C plan run by private insurance companies, like Aetna, which can include extra benefits not offered by Original Medicare.


 Is Aetna Medicare Value PPO a Medicare Advantage plan?

Yes, Aetna Medicare Value PPO is a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Aetna Inc


 What company owns Aetna?

Aetna is owned by CVS Health, as it has been a subsidiary of CVS Health since November 28, 2018.


 How can I find network providers within my vicinity using Aetna Medicare’s directory tool?

You can use Aetna Medicare’s directory tool to search for in-network healthcare services near you.


 What is the difference between in-network and out-of-network coverage in Aetna Medicare HMO plans?

The main difference between in-network and out-of-network coverage in Aetna Medicare HMO plans is that in-network coverage involves care from Aetna-affiliated physicians.

While out-of-network coverage involves care from non-affiliated physicians. This difference is important to consider when making healthcare decisions.

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